Nice Guy Accused of Cheating: He Was Just Following Wife’s Orders and Helping a Friend in Need!

A stressed out husband drove Redditors to outrage when he revealed that his wife’s best friend hurled an accusation his way. It seems that no good deed goes unpunished. Here is the full story.

A Friend in Need

OP is a man whose wife has a lifelong friend who has recently fallen on hard times.

The friend recently became a single mother, and OP and his wife have been helping her out in various ways.

Since the woman is strapped for cash, she’s working two jobs.

But she doesn’t have a car, so OP’s wife has been driving her friend around as much as possible.

Doing the Right Thing

Usually, everything works out fine, but sometimes, OP’s wife isn’t available when her friend needs her. Or the wife will get called away on short notice.

When that happens, OP’s wife asks him to fill in for him rather than just cancel or reschedule her plans with her friend.

For the most part, OP is happy to help out. He thinks it’s the right thing to do, and more importantly, it makes his wife happy.

But OP admits it does get a little old sometimes. He’s driven the friend’s kids to school, taken her to buy groceries, and generally just driven them all over town.

Afraid She’d Be Lonely

As with all the other situations OP has found himself in with the friend, he doesn’t mind handling things on his own now and then.

But that all changed recently when OP’s friend was going to be alone for the weekend. Her kids were going out of town without her, and OP’s wife was afraid she’d be lonely..

Like a good friend, OP’s wife wanted to invite her buddy over for dinner. But OP’s wife was busy doing something on her phone, so she asked him to text the friend instead.

Just Friends?

That’s when the old friend dropped a bomb on OP that changed his world.

When she answered his text, the friend told OP she would come to dinner. But she wanted his assurance that he was just inviting her as a friend and was not looking for a girlfriend.

OP was shocked by that response and immediately showed the entire text conversation to his wife. She was surprised, too, but didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

She Had Her Suspicions

Still, OP’s wife called up her friend, who explained that she was suspicious of OP’s motives because he was spending so much time with her and her kids.

OP’s wife explained to her friend that she was the one who had asked her husband to help out all those times.

A few days later, OP’s friend apologized to her and said that she had just been having an emotional day. She hadn’t meant anything by her comment.

As far as OP’s wife was concerned, that settled the matter. Life could go on as usual.

Done Helping Out

But OP had learned his lesson and told his wife he was done helping her friend. The only time he would be around her at all would be when his wife was there, too.

OP’s wife thinks he’s being silly and wants him to go back to pitching in for her friend. But he’s not having any part of it and wants to avoid any possible accusations in the future.

Redditors overwhelmingly agree with OP and think he should steer clear of his wife’s friend, especially any alone time with her.

What a Creep!

Some of them think the friend is being completely creepy, and others wonder why OP’s wife would put him in a vulnerable situation in the first place.

Many commenters advise OP to look for ways to distance both him and his wife from the friend.

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