Nightmarish Airbnb Stay – Hidden Camera Found in Bathroom Socket Leaves Friends Feeling Violated

A group of friends uncovered a disturbing secret during their Airbnb stay, as one friend’s suspicion led to a chilling revelation that left them feeling violated. While staying in the Airbnb, one friend found a hidden camera tucked inside a fake wall socket in the bathroom.

A Group Airbnb Birthday Celebration

Kennedy, who tells her story in a viral TikTok video, reveals that 15 of her friends decided to stay in an Airbnb to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday.

A friend expressed concerns about being watched after seeing videos on TikTok of girls finding cameras hidden in their Airbnb.

Kennedy and her friends told her she was paranoid, but the friend decided to search anyway.

Armed with a flashlight, she searched every corner of the house, determined to uncover any signs of cameras.

A Secret Camera Aimed at the Shower!

To her horror, she discovered a hidden camera cleverly disguised in the bathroom.

Masked inside a fake wall socket, the camera was aimed directly at the shower, leaving Kennedy and that group feeling violated.

Kennedy was especially alarmed as she told the camera she was doing, “Absolutely atrocious things” in the bathroom the night before.

The friends immediately contacted the police and decided to leave the premises.

The Police Seized the Camera and the Culprit

The authorities seized the cameras for further investigation.

The authorities then reveal to the girls that they found the man responsible and have taken him into custody.

After the traumatic event, Kennedy seeks advice on any legal action they can take.

Kennedy closes the chilling video with this message, “Always check your outlets for cameras at your Airbnb and always listen to your super paranoid friends.”

“They Should Be Jailed”

One user tells Kennedy exactly what to do, “definitely sue .. get money plus extra.. they should be jailed.”

A second suggested, “Have you contacted air bnb? Ask the police officer what your next steps can be. They’ll come up with the charges and you can press charges.”

Do you have any advice for Kennedy after this harrowing discovery? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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