Nikki Haley’s Shocking Flip-Flop – Will She Truly Support Trump as GOP Nominee if Convicted?

Would Nikki Haley support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee? She said she would but also said the American people won’t. Here’s the full story. 

Haley Supports Trump – Innocent or Guilty

During the GOP’s first presidential debate, Nikki Haley was one of the candidates who said she would support Trump as the Republican nominee even if he was convicted of a crime before the election.

Shortly after the debate, Haley said in an interview, “The American people are not going to vote for a convicted criminal. The American people will vote for someone who can win a general election.”

Although Haley said she would support Trump as the Republican nominee, she doesn’t think the American people would do the same. Haley said she doesn’t expect Americans to “vote for someone found guilty of crimes.”

“You Are Implying That the American People Are Not Smart”

In an interview with CBS, when Haley was asked if she would vote for Trump, she replied, “First of all, he’s innocent until proven guilty, but you are implying that the American people are not smart.”

Haley defended her support for Trump at the debate by saying the candidates on the stage were doing what they “signed and pledged” to do, “support the Republican nominee.”

Before they were allowed on the stage at the presidential debate, each candidate had to sign a pledge to support whoever eventually became the Republican nominee. Haley didn’t want to “break the signed pledge,” so she raised her hand when asked who would support Trump as the Republican nominee.

Important for Haley To Support the Republican Nominee To Prevent Kamala Harris From Becoming President

Haley also said, “The American people are going to vote for someone who can win a general election. I have faith in the American people. They know what they need to do.”

It was important for Haley to support the Republican nominee to prevent Kamala Harris from becoming president. Haley said if Kamala Harris becomes president, “we’ll never get our country back.”

X users called Nikki Haley out for contradicting her support for Trump. After reading that Haley said Americans wouldn’t “vote for a convicted criminal,” one X user commented, “But didn’t this woman raise her hand in the debate and say she was doing that very thing?”

… “But Now She Says Us Voters Won’t Support Him Anyway”

Another X user said that Haley was “playing it both ways.” @Crabby353 said, “She had indicated that she’ll support Trump’s candidacy even if convicted, but now she says US voters won’t support him anyway. So much for principle.”

At the presidential debate, Nikki Haley also criticized Trump by calling him “the most disliked politician in America.” Haley thinks America needs “a new generational conservative leader.”

Haley said that “three-quarters of Americans don’t want a rematch between Trump and Biden.”

Haley Has Both Supported and Undermined Trump

Nikki Haley served as the US ambassador to the United Nations under Trump for two years before resigning.

Since her resignation, Haley has both supported and undermined Trump. At one point, Haley said that Trump “tells the world what it needs to hear,” while later calling his rhetoric “so unnecessary.

Earlier in the year, Nikki Haley said she “would be inclined in favor of a pardon” for former president Trump.

“Terrible for the Country To Have a Former President in Prison for Years”

Although Haley admitted that Trump was “incredibly reckless with our national security,” she thought it would be “terrible for the country to have a former president in prison for years because of a documents case.”

The world is waiting to see if Donald Trump will be convicted of a crime before the election. Despite his poll lead, Trump is still unpopular among many people.

Kathy on X, formerly known as Twitter, said she hoped Haley was right but was afraid she could be wrong. Kathy said that “some Republicans do not care about [Trump’s] alleged criminal behavior,” and called the situation “sad.”

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