No “Doubt That He Interfered in Our Election”: Hillary Clinton Fears ‘Democracy Hating’ Putin Will Strike Again in 2024 – He’s ”Good at It”

In a recent interview with MSNBC’s Jen Psaki, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shared her concerns about potential election interference in the lead-up to the 2024 elections, specifically from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Here’s what she said.

No Doubts Putin Interfered in Our Election

The discussion began with Psaki pointing out Putin’s history of interfering in elections, both in the United States and other countries.

She asked Clinton, “It’s not something, as you experienced firsthand, is not something we talk about a lot. Do you fear that that is something that could be happening in 2024, do you think we should be talking about it more?”

Clinton replied, “I don’t think, despite all of the deniers, there is any doubt that he interfered in our election, or that he has interfered in many ways in the internal affairs of other countries, funding political parties, funding political candidates, buying off government officials in different places.”

“He Hates Democracy”

She characterized Putin as someone who hates democracy, particularly in Western countries like the United States.

“He hates democracy. He particularly hates the West and he especially hates us. And he has determined that he can do two things simultaneously. He can try to continue to damage and divide us internally, and he’s quite good at it,” she said.

She stressed that Putin’s tactics aim to damage and divide Western democracies while simultaneously expanding his own reach.

One key aspect of Putin’s interference, according to Clinton, is his attempt to undermine faith in democratic institutions.

Disregarding Human Rights

Clinton highlighted that Putin viewed her as a threat during the 2016 election because he did not want her in the White House.

Consequently, she underscored the need to educate the American public about Putin’s authoritarian nature, his disregard for human rights, and his willingness to use violence against opponents.

She argued that Americans should reject leaders who exhibit authoritarian tendencies and who seek to undermine democratic values.

Furthermore, Clinton expressed her concerns about Putin’s adaptability when it comes to election interference. She believes that if given the opportunity, he will attempt to interfere in 2024 future elections.

“Adept at Interfering”

“I think that it’s fair to say that you have a tough job. Because you have to talk about what’s happening in the news, but you also have to keep people’s eyes on what’s right behind the horizon. I fear that the Russians will improve themselves to be quite adept at interfering, and if he has a chance, he’ll do it again,” she said.

In addition to discussing election interference, Clinton delved into the psychological aspects of former President Donald Trump’s behavior.

She pointed out that Trump often engages in what psychologists call “projection.”

She added, “So whenever he accuses somebody of doing something, it’s almost guaranteed he’s doing it himself or he’s already done it. Or whenever he denies thinking about doing something – or doing it – it’s almost guaranteed he is thinking about it or has already done it.”


Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “She was right before, she is right again.”


A third user commented, “This lying lady will say anything to stop the American people from seeing their democracy grow. Time to remove Biden from the office.”

A fourth user wrote, “There is no Russian interference in our elections. You’re just trying to convince people if you say it enough times you hope they will believe it. There wasn’t any when you tried to become president and there wasn’t any in 2020…. that was the Democrats interfering in the 2020 election.”

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