No Lady’s of the Night Here Please! He Tried to ‘Get Some Privacy’ for a Mere $50, Not on Her Watch!

A usual day at the front desk was disrupted when a man, sporting tattered clothes and an unkempt appearance, walked in. His request was simple – a room for “a little while”, accompanied by a $50 bill.

He Wanted a Lady of the Night

Ignoring the offered money, OP informed him about the room rates and available options. Instead of replying, the man nonchalantly pushed the $50 further forward, initiating a strange interaction.

Taken aback, OP clarified that $50 wouldn’t cover even a single night’s stay. Dismissing OP’s explanation, the man, evidently believing he understood the system, insisted OP accept the money.

Suddenly, a woman strode into the lobby. Dressed in a sports bra and a barely-there blue skirt, she was impossible to overlook. The man boldly directed her to sit and wait as he worked on getting “some privacy”.

When the man asked for a room key, the pieces began to fall into place. The woman wasn’t just a companion – she was a lady of the night. The man was her customer, and the $50 was for their fleeting rendezvous.

No Rooms by the Hour, Thank You!

Overcoming the initial shock, OP directly asked if the man was trying to pay $50 for a room for less than an hour. The man’s unashamed affirmative response was a jolt.

OP asked if he had ever done this before. The man confessed to not having done so at their hotel, but claimed such dealings were common at other places. The sheer audacity left OP momentarily at a loss for words.

Despite the unusual situation, OP couldn’t allow such a transaction. She gestured towards an imaginary security camera, claiming any misstep could cost her job. It was a harmless lie, but one she felt compelled to tell.

He Left With His Tail Between His Legs

The fake security camera convinced the man to reconsider. Declaring OP’s hotel “too classy” for their planned escapade, he and his companion promptly made their exit.

The eventful day concluded with a unique experience under OP’s belt: a $50 offer to ignore a quick liaison. An offer she respectfully, but resolutely, declined.

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