No-One Should Get Away With Fat-Shaming in the Office, Including This Disrespectful Boss

OP spent years working in a group home for those struggling with mental health issues. Daytime shifts were manned by two to three employees. As the day ended, they documented their activities in a shared office with three computers.

The Broken-Chair-Gate

One shift, OP walked into a surprise: a broken chair. The seat was a hazard, visibly damaged and tilted.

Her coworkers revealed the manager’s denial of the problem. This led to a hilariously absurd photo OP shared with friends, showcasing the ‘not broken’ chair.

Next day, work proceeded as usual, until report time. With one chair out, three workers were stuck juggling two computers. The manager walked in, puzzled by the idle staff. The staff explained the missing chair issue.

Before joining the group home, OP battled a severe health issue. Her condition restricted her to a liquid diet for nine months, making her dangerously underweight. Her coworkers and boss remained oblivious to her past ordeal.

He Blamed Their Weight for the Chair’s Demise!

The boss dismissed the staff’s concerns, blaming their weight for the chair’s demise. He refused to provide new furniture until the staff slimmed down. Ironically, he pointed at the underweight OP as the “healthy” benchmark.

Eager to validate his theory, the boss asked OP to demonstrate chair usage. Everyone expected a cautious approach, given the chair’s condition.

But OP wasn’t there to tiptoe around the issue. She flopped onto the chair, causing it to splinter and drop her to the floor. She then reminded the boss about the company’s accident report protocol.

The next day, the boss accused OP of deliberately damaging company property.

Photographic Evidence of Fat-Shaming in the Office

He claimed that corporate was deducting the chair’s cost from OP’s pay. OP corrected the boss’s skewed account, revealing the chair’s pre-existing condition and his ill-advised command to use it.

When confronted with the photographic evidence and the boss’s fat-shaming comments, the color drained from the boss’s face.

Faced with OP’s intention to contact corporate, the boss backtracked. He assured OP that her paycheck wouldn’t be docked, and new chairs were on the way.

No one gets away with body shaming and promoting unhealthy standards around OP.

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