“No One Will Take a Baby at 9 Months for an Abortion”: Whoopi Goldberg Spars With Republican Congresswoman on ‘The View’

Whoopi Goldberg got into a heated debate over abortion with Rep. Nancy Mace, a Republican Congresswoman from South Carolina, on ‘The View’ recently. It ended with them failing to find much common ground on the decisive issue.

Different Views

Rep. Nancy Mace, a Republican Congresswoman from South Carolina, was a guest on The View recently. During her appearance on the popular ABC talk show, co-host Whoopi Goldberg challenged Mace’s stance on abortion. Even though Mace is admittedly a lot less extreme when it comes to her views on abortion than many of her Republican counterparts, she is pro-life and has pushed to outlaw abortion for the most part with very few exceptions.

Goldberg asked her why she and others should be “held to someone else’s religious beliefs” with regard to abortion. “Isn’t that my choice if my doctor and I feel that’s the best way for me?” Goldberg wondered.

Keep the Government Out of It?

Goldberg went on to say that she and millions of other American women would like to be able to make decisions related to abortion without the U.S. government being involved. Mace pushed back against this by hinting that at least some of the women who have abortions in the U.S. each year do so on the taxpayer’s dime.

She argued that this makes it difficult to keep the government out of the mix altogether. “Those who want the government to pay for [abortions] have the government in the room with the doctor and the woman,” Mace said. “You can’t have it both ways.”

The Right to Choose

Goldberg gave Mace the opportunity to defend her opinions on abortion. But she also continued to make the point that she feels as though women shouldn’t have to give up their right to choose to have an abortion because of someone else’s belief system.

“Isn’t that your choice to make that decision?” Goldberg asked. “Why do you want me to go with your belief when that is not my belief? That’s the part I’m trying to understand.”

No Limits?

Mace repeatedly declined to answer Goldberg’s questions when she asked why women should be required to buy into other people’s beliefs when it comes to abortions. Instead, she focused on the fact that some states haven’t set hard-and-fast rules as far as abortion limits are concerned.

She suggested that some states, like California and New York, have considered allowing women to have abortions right up until the 9-month mark.

No Way, No How

It was at this point that Mace’s appearance on The View got especially combative. Goldberg laughed off the suggestion Mace made about certain states enabling women to get abortions at 9 months and said that it simply wasn’t true.

“No one, no one, no doctor, no hospital, no one will take a baby at 9 months for an abortion,” Goldberg said. Mace responded by calling out President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and other politicians who have refused to reveal what time limits they would put on abortions.

One More Try

Goldberg and Mace were able to find at least one thing they could both agree on. They both said abortion should be permitted in cases involving rape and incest. But Goldberg kept on asking Mace to answer the same question she had thrown out several times throughout the course of Mace’s appearance on The View. “Again, why is it not my choice?” Goldberg asked. “This is the part I’m missing.”

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