Noggin Boss Net Worth; Noggin Boss Shark Tank Deal (Updated)

Noggin Boss is a company that manufactures and sells customized and oversized hats. These customized big hats are targeted toward athletes and sports fans who want to represent their teams in style.

Many fans like to wear caps from Noggin Boss in sporting events and games to show their support for the team. The oversized hats are also made to make people smile and feel jubilant as they represent their team, charities, or other movements.

Noggin Boss Net Worth

In 2022, the net worth of Noggin Boss is estimated to be around $200,000.

Noggin Boss Founders

The founders of Noggin Boss are two friends from Arizona, Gabe Cooper, and Sean Starner. The two are business owners and former collegiate athletes. In terms of religion, business, and philanthropy, both are on the same page.

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Sean Starner graduated from the University of Maryland and worked at Peak Impact Inc. as a sales executive. Later, in September 2010, he founded his own marketing and advertising firm called Instant Media LLC.

Gabe Cooper, on the other hand, did his MBA in Business and Administration, Management, and Operations from Grand Canyon University. Due to this, he has a deep understanding of how a business operates.

Since both the friends are sports fanatics and love businesses and charities, they decided to team up and promote the things that they love. Thus, they came up with the idea of this innovative product i.e. custom oversized hats, that could be easily promoted and marketed, and could make sporting and other events more exciting.

Noggin Boss During Shark Tank

Gabe Cooper and Sean Starner entered Shark Tank seeking $50,000 in exchange for a 25% stake in the company. In their pitch, the duo displayed samples of their company’s products, i.e. different customized and oversized hats representing various teams. They stated that the company has made $30,000 in the first four months of sale.

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The founders then stated that they were facing troubles regarding licenses as most of their customers wanted licensed logos on their hats. However, Noggin Boss could not obtain the rights for the logos. For this reason, they needed the help of a Shark.

Daymond John offered $50,000 in exchange for a 30% stake in the company. Lori Greiner pulled out and the other Sharks showed interest. They were about to offer their own deals but Daymond John seemed to spice things up to get the founders to agree to his deal.

Eventually, Gabe Cooper and Sean Starner agreed to Daymond John’s offer and left Shark Tank on a positive note.

What Happened to Noggin Boss After Shark Tank Deal?

After the deal with Daymond John at Shark Tank, Noggin Boss got a lot of marketing and many people have been wearing hats from Noggin Boss at various events. This shows that the brand has certainly attracted a lot of people and is making good sales.

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