Non-binary Teacher Switches Kids Genders Secretly: Safe Space Offers “Protection from Their Own Parents”

A teacher from California who identifies as non-binary has openly admitted on TikTok to letting kids switch genders in the classroom. The controversial part? The parents don’t have a clue!

Helping Kids Switch Gender

Olivia Garrison, a teacher, revealed she’s been helping students change their gender without telling their parents. 

Garrison, who identifies as non-binary, believes it’s her job to protect kids, even from their parents, “Sometimes they need protection from their own parents.”

Garrison teaches at Del Oro High School, where students can change their name and gender info without needing their parents’ signature.

Does Safe Space Have to Mean Secret?

Garrison has a classroom where all students can feel safe to be themselves, especially if they don’t feel comfortable at home.

Some parents, like Jessica Bradshaw, are upset because they weren’t told about their child’s changes at school, and they want the school to be open about it.

Parents think they should be part of big decisions, like gender changes, for their kids.

The student in the middle of this, who needed a safe place, is thankful for the school’s support and wishes it didn’t have to be hidden from parents.

Respecting Parents

California says schools shouldn’t share students’ gender identity without permission, but other places have other rules.

People are having a considerable debate about how to keep students safe and make parents feel respected at the same time.

A dad from Alabama, Jeff Walker, says some kids don’t have supportive families, so school needs to be a safe place.

Do you think kids should be allowed to express themselves at school without their parent’s knowledge? Let us know know your thoughts in the comments.

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