“Worry about Your Research, Not My Uterus.” Pro-choice Teen Takes on Governor

One clever Texan Teen was confronted on Twitter by a congressional candidate for the state but managed to hit back at his anti-abortion agenda with an epic viral put-down.

Teen Takes on the Governor

A Texas teenager, Olivia Julianna, 18, engaged in a fiery Twitter exchange with a Republican congressional candidate over the state’s abortion ban.

The TikTok video starts with Julianna saying that she had just “found out her bodily autonomy had been taken away from her in the state of Texas,” hinting at the recent anti-abortion laws.

Julianna’s tweet called out Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s priorities, suggesting that he should focus more on the power grid crisis than women’s reproductive rights.

Stop “Regulating My Uterus”

The Tweet read, “If only Gregg Abbott spent as much time regulating the energy grid as he did regulating my uterus.”

She then explained that her tweet was about the recent power shortages: “If you don’t know, the energy grid here in Texas is a real issue that’s why we had those power shortages in February.”

Samuel Williams, a Republican congressional candidate, responded by criticizing Julianna, using the term “uniformed liberal” instead of “uninformed,” before arguing the grid had nothing to do with Gregg Abbot.

She Was Educating Him

Julianna swiftly corrected Williams’ terminology and educated him on who really has control over the grid before finishing the statement with, “Worry about your research, not my uterus.”

People rally behind Julianna’s response, celebrating her ability to stand up against fake news.

One Twitter user exclaimed, “UNIFORMED!?? PLEAAASSEEE.” In response to Williams’s failed attempt at an insult.

Planned Parenthood Weighs In

Julianna took to TikTok to share her story and attracted a massive audience with over 200,000 views and 47,000 likes.

One TikTok user cleverly pointed out, “Aren’t… aren’t our uteruses owned and operate by a private company?”

Planned Parenthood’s president and CEO, Alexis McGill Johnson, brands the new law a “travesty,” highlighting its detrimental impact on women in Texas and their communities.

Do you think it’s time to overturn these abortion laws? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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