Nurses Always Know What Is Going On Behind Closed Curtains!

OP worked in a high-end private hospital in marketing and complaints. Picture a place so fancy, you’d mistake it for a hotel. The food was actually nice, the service unmatched, and they’d even been voted best private hospital in the country multiple times. Nurses, though stern, were devoted to their work. And OP? She was handling marketing and complaints, though the latter rarely made an appearance.

The Hospital Was like a Luxury Hotel

Every so often, a nurse would warn OP about an incident, preparing them for a potential complaint.

And so it happened one day, when a nurse was waiting for OP right at her office door, ready to tell a story about the previous night’s happenings.

A young 18-year-old patient had recently had minor surgery. She was a faint-hearted one, prone to bouts of dizziness and the occasional fainting spell.

As falls were a significant concern in hospitals, they placed her in a private room right across from the nurses’ station for easy monitoring.

The Patient’s Tattooed Boyfriend Visited

One evening, a young, tattoo-covered man came to visit her. You could tell he was her boyfriend by the way he acted as if the hospital was a five-star hotel.

When a diligent, experienced nurse noticed the room’s door and bed curtains were closed, she knew something wasn’t quite right.

In a hospital, patient safety trumps privacy. Our stern nurse pulled the curtain aside, found the boyfriend in the hospital bed, and gave them both a piece of her mind.

The boyfriend, apparently upset that his evening plans had been thwarted, stormed out.

He Got Kicked Out for Being Saucy

Two hours after the nurse shared the story with OP, an email landed in her inbox. The email, supposedly from the patient’s ‘father’, complained about the previous night’s incident.

The glaring spelling mistakes, absence of punctuation, and an email handle of ‘tattooguy@…’ were dead giveaways of the true sender.

Responding with patient information to an unconfirmed email address was a big no-no, so OP played it smart.

She reached out to document control, got hold of the official email address on the file belonging to the patient’s mother, and forwarded the complaint.

So She Emailed the Patient’s Mother

In the email to the patient’s mother, OP recounted the nurse’s tale. They explained how their priority was patient safety, especially given the young woman’s risk of falling.

They clarified the need for open doors and the boyfriend’s inappropriate conduct.

They apologized for any perceived invasion of privacy, reiterated the hospital’s commitment to patient safety, and offered to answer any further questions.

From that point forward, the young patient behaved impeccably, and the tattooed boyfriend was nowhere to be seen.

Hospitals Aren’t Hotels

It was a clear lesson to all: hospitals aren’t hotels, and it’s best not to try to fool hospital staff, especially when your parents’ contact details are on your file.

To sum it up: An 18-year-old and her boyfriend were caught in a compromising position. The boyfriend, pretending to be her father, emailed a complaint to the hospital.

The hospital, in turn, responded to the official contact – which happened to be the patient’s mother. Oops!

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