‘Obesity Appropriation’ or Just Acting? Fat-Suits Under Scrutiny For “Dehumanizing Larger-Bodied People”

In a new version of Matilda The Musical, one actress has caused a debate after she uses a fat suit to play her role. People are now arguing that the use of fat suits is offensive to those who are overweight.

Emma Thompson in a Fat Suit

The latest adaptation of Roald Dahl’s beloved book Matilda has arrived, but it’s already stirring up heated discussions.

On a British morning TV show, people have debated whether Emma Thompson’s use of a fat suit in the film is offensive.

In Matilda The Musical, the iconic role of the menacing school headmistress Agatha Trunchbull is portrayed by British actress Emma Thompson.

Trailers for the film reveal Thompson’s remarkable transformation as she wears a fat suit.

Dehumanizing Larger-Bodied People

The use of a fat suit has ignited controversy online, as the news clip was shared on Twitter.

In the clip, Queen MoJo passionately argued against the use of fat suits.

Queen MoJo emphasized that naturally, larger actors bring a unique energy to roles that cannot be replicated through the use of fat suits.

She also suggested that the use of fat suits dehumanized larger-bodied people.

Fat Phobic

Critics have drawn comparisons to the first Matilda film from 1996, with many suggesting that the use of fat suits should be left in the past.

Online commentators voiced their dissatisfaction with the casting choice, with some arguing that fat suits should be banned.

One user argued, “I can’t believe someone would agree to put a thin person into this costume for Matilda the musical. The original was already fat phobic enough but now they put Emma Thompson into a fat suit.”

Other users on Twitter have argued that it’s “PC gone mad” and that there’s nothing wrong with the use of fat suits.

“It’s Called Acting”

“This is ridiculous, it’s called acting. Soon only real-life murderers will be the only ones allowed to play murderers, Another user argued.

This user claims people should be focussed on more important topics, “Really think there are more important real life things going on than whether an actress wears a fat suit or not to do her job.”

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