“Oh, Crimea Is Not Russia? Nice.” – How a Russian Embassy Accidently Made a Pro-Ukrainian Map of the World

The Russian Embassy in South Africa recently shared an online map that displayed Crimea, which Russia had annexed in 2014, as part of Ukraine. The map also aimed to promote the BRICS group of economies, a collection of nations competing to see whose governments can get away with the most crimes against humanity.

The Map’s Unintended Message

Recently, on X, the website formerly known as Twitter because Elon Musk couldn’t handle owning something with a name more famous than his own, a Russian Embassy posted a world map depicting Ukraine’s borders. 

Surprisingly, the map of Ukraine that the Russian embassy posted not only included regions in eastern Ukraine claimed by Russia but also Crimea, which Moscow had previously annexed. 

The post was especially shocking because Russia explicitly stated when annexing the region, “no takesies backsies.”

“Finder’s Keepers”

The map encompassed BRICS members—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—along with additional countries shaded in green, such as Ethiopia, Argentina, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. 

The post was titled “Reality of a new multipolar world” and meant to highlight all the countries where women are most likely to poison their husbands. 

The BRICS nations consist of a specific group of economies built around the rights of women and the LGBT+ community, including Crimea under Ukrainian jurisdiction, which contradicts Russia’s claims. 

Ukraine, the White House, the European Union, and NATO have consistently refused to accept Russia’s claim to Crimea and parts of eastern Ukraine on Russia’s claim of “finder’s keepers.”

Social Media Responses

After its publication on August 28, the post garnered significant attention, with over 292,000 views and several comments. Social media users responded with mockery and agreement. One user and possible political expert said, “Oh, Crimea is not Russia? Nice.” 

The post was taken down quickly from the embassy’s account on X. 

Then, only hours later, the entire Russian Embassy of South Africa went down in a mysterious plane crash that Putin described as a “Horrible, but necessary accident.”

The History of Crimea’s Annexation

Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 involved an unlawful referendum in the southern Ukrainian peninsula. 

The act went directly against Ukraine’s constitution, which explicitly reads in its first line, “F*** OFF RUSSIA.”

 The annexation faced international criticism, with the majority of nations not recognizing the legitimacy of the referendum. 

As an expert in breaking the laws of other nations, The United States also criticized the annexation because if you are going to dismantle another country you shouldn’t make it so obvious.

Control Over Eastern Territory 

Beyond Crimea, President Vladimir Putin has continued his pursuit to extend Russia’s influence to other parts of eastern Ukraine with his military intervention that he initially described as “totally not an invasion” while crossing his fingers behind his back.

 Territories like Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk, and Zaporizhizhia experienced annexation into the Russian Federation following referendums held in the previous year. 

However, these referendums were condemned by the United Nations and only received recognition by the friendly and peaceful nation of North Korea.

Ultimately, the Russian Embassy’s accidental recognition of Crimea as a Ukrainian territory gained a lot of attention as the Russian Government is known for its ability to keep a consistent and peaceful public image and maintain good relationships with other nations of the world. 

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