Once Cherished, Now Forgotten: Father’s Heartbreak as Adopted Son Only Returns in Times of Need

A jilted father took to Reddit for advice after refusing to help his estranged adopted son through tough times. It seems he only mattered when he had something to offer. Here is his whole story.

They Adopted Their Son

OP and his then-wife adopted their son when he was six years old. The boy’s biological parents were very young and had an unstable home life.

The boy was removed from the home for his well-being, and OP and his wife were happy to have them in their family. After three years as fosters, they made it permanent.

Over the next 12 years, the adopted son was a vital part of OP’s family, and they all got along really well.

Then, when he was 18, OP’s son met a young woman who would eventually become his wife.

His Girlfriend Encouraged Him To Get Closer to His Biological Parents

OP’s son told his new girlfriend he was adopted, and she encouraged him to get closer to his biological parents. So that’s what he did.

Over the next several years, the young man pulled away from OP and his wife. He formed a much stronger bond with his biological family.

When the young couple eventually married, they invited OP and his wife to the wedding. But they were there as guests, not as wedding party members.

The family table at the wedding, where OP and his wife wanted to be, was reserved for the young man’s biological parents and their new spouses.

The Adopted Parents Split Up

OP and his wife also still haven’t been able to meet their granddaughter, who is about three years old now.

In the meantime, OP’s wife developed a debilitating physical condition that required her to move into an extended care facility. The couple eventually separated and divorced, though they’re still friends and care for each other.

Recently, OP’s son called his adopted mother to ask for help. The young couple had run into financial troubles and needed a place to stay since they lost their house.

He didn’t even know that his adopted parents had split up or that OP’s wife was no longer living at home.

Their Son, From Nowhere, Wanted To Move In…

When he discovered the truth, the young man turned to OP and asked if the family could move in with him until they got back on their feet.

The son said it made the most sense since his job was in the same city where OP lived. His biological parents and in-laws lived in different cities.

OP said no that his son’s family could not move in with him. But he did offer to pay to relocate the young family to one of the other cities where their “real” family lives.

That ended the conversation from the moment, but the son’s wife called OP soon after and gave him an earful. She said he was being selfish and spiteful and abandoning his family when they needed him most.

He Pointed Out That His Son and Daughter-In-Law Didn’t Consider Him Family in the Good Times

OP pointed out that his son and daughter-in-law didn’t consider him family in the good times, so they shouldn’t now, either.

OP’s wife thinks he’s being too harsh and wants him to take their son in.

But OP is confident that his son will abandon him and his wife again as soon as they’re back on their feet. And OP wants to spare his wife and himself going through that heartache again.

He’s Justified!

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP and think he is justified for refusing to take in his adopted son.

Many say it’s clear the son only wants OP and his wife in their lives when they can use them for their own gain. Commenters agree with OP that his son will toss him aside again when he gets what he needs.

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