“Our House, Our Rules”: Restaurant’s Bid to ‘Class up the Joint’ Triggers Accusations of Bigotry

A St. Louis restaurant, Social Bar and Grill Soulard, has found itself at the center of a heated controversy following the implementation of a strict dress code policy. Here’s the full story.

New Rules

The restaurant, located in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, posted its new rules outside the bar’s front window and at the host stand earlier this month, resulting in a massive backlash from patrons and the wider community.

While the restaurant claimed that these rules were intended to improve the dining experience, many individuals perceived them as hypocritical, discriminatory, and offensive, sparking outrage and discussions on various platforms.

New Dress Code

The newly introduced dress code at Social Bar and Grill prohibits several clothing items and styles, including masks, hoodies, saggy pants, backpacks, men’s sleeveless tank tops, and overly revealing outfits.

While the restaurant offered little explanation for these restrictions, they stated that it was done “in an effort to provide an enjoyable experience for fellow diners and staff” and asked patrons to “respect our policies.”

They also asserted their right to refuse service with the statement, “Our House. Our Rules.”

Perception of Hypocrisy

One of the key factors that fueled the controversy surrounding these rules was the perception of hypocrisy.

Many patrons pointed out that the restaurant’s own staff wore revealing outfits, including body paint.

This led to accusations of double standards and a lack of consistency in enforcing their policies.

Long List of Arbitrary Rules

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One Reddit user wrote, “Place that has catered to a douchey 20-something crowd for years suddenly is put off with styles and behaviors common in the douchey 20-something demographic.”

Another User wrote, “I don’t go places that present paying guests with a long list of arbitrary rules like we’re back in middle school, so thanks for letting me know about this.

Bigoted Rules?

A third user added, “Implicit racism and right-wing bulls***.”

Some Reddit users believed that the rules were targeting specific demographics, particularly LGBTQ+ individuals.

Social Bar and Grill Soulard has a history dating back 40 years, with locations in St. Louis, The Ozarks, and Detroit.

In 2016, the restaurant had a different image on social media, describing itself as a “Social House for Outstanding Food! The Sexiest Staff in Soulard! We are Ideal for Lunch, Happy Hour, Live Bands & Nightlife!”

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