Outrageous or Responsible? Her Parents Charged Her Rent as Soon as She Graduated High School. Is This Fair in the Current Climate of Skyrocketing Living Costs?

A Texas couple caused controversy by charging their 18-year-old daughter rent after she graduated high school, fueling debates about teen responsibilities and adulthood.

They Charged Their Daughter Rent upon Graduation

The internet is buzzing with discussions about teenagers and when they should assume adult responsibilities.

Recently, a Texas couple ignited a divisive debate by revealing they started charging their 18-year-old daughter rent as soon as she graduated from high school.

In a viral TikTok video, mom Erika Archie asks, “Y’all tell us: Do you make your graduated high school student pay rent in your house if they aren’t going to college yet? Tell us what you think.”

The couple, Erika and Cody Archie, explain that their daughter Kylee has chosen not to immediately pursue college and is currently working as a clerk. 

While She Figures Out Her Next Steps in Life

Consequently, they have decided to charge her rent while she figures out her next steps in life.

Cody asserts, “My thought is that since Kylee graduated a couple weeks ago, I told her – and I’ve been telling her the last couple months – June 1st, rent is due if you’re going to continue to live here.”

Erika, laughing, remarks, “I thought that was a little harsh. I mean, maybe a little leeway.” Cody, however, counters by stating, “$200 a month is plenty cheap to live like a grub in your parents’ house.”

They clarify that the rent charged is even less than what they spend on groceries to feed Kylee, but Cody adds, “if she wants to eat from the fridge,” the rent increases to $300 per month.

“Yes! We Gave My Oldest Son a Tent and Sleeping Bag at the Age of 18,”

The comments section reflects a divided response from parents regarding this approach. Some believe it is a valuable lesson, with one commenter stating, “Yes, great idea. Teaches them to pay bills.”

Another adds, “Builds character (and) makes them responsible.”

A particularly imaginative parent shares, “Yes! We gave my oldest son a tent and sleeping bag at the age of 18,” suggesting a more extreme approach to foster independence.

On the other hand, many parents criticize the Archies for their decision. One parent writes, “A definite no for me. I know it’s rare, but I will forever help my kids no matter the age.” 

Most 18-Year-Olds Are Still Figuring Things Out

Another asserts, “It would be different if I needed the help, but 18 is not an adult!”

The detractors bring up a valid point. While legally considered adults at 18, most individuals at that age are still figuring things out.

It seems unreasonable to expect all 18-year-olds to have their post-high school plans set in stone. 

Furthermore, the $200 rent, which is significantly below market rates across the United States, supports the arguments against the Archies’ decision.

As They Face Skyrocketing Living Costs

The current generation of young adults faces numerous challenges, including skyrocketing living costs that outpace wage growth. 

Many Americans, regardless of age, struggle to make ends meet and afford basic necessities.

In this context, it raises questions about whether taking money from their own daughter, who is just starting her journey in life, truly helps her.

Understanding Societal Expectations

The decision by the Archies to charge their daughter rent has sparked a broader conversation about the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

It underscores the complexities surrounding societal expectations for young adults and the financial hurdles they encounter today.

Would you charge your children rent? Let us know in the comments!

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