“Overzealous” – Armored Police “Physically” Eject Innocent Teen from GOP Event, Falsely Accused as a ‘Democratic Operative’

15-year-old Quinn Mitchell was wrongly removed from a Republican political event in New Hampshire, accused of being a Democratic operative. Here’s the full story.

Teen Journalist’s Unexpected Controversy

A 15-year-old aspiring journalist found himself at the center of a controversy during a recent Republican political event.

Quinn Mitchell, a passionate politics enthusiast who had previously gained notoriety for a viral encounter with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, was escorted out of the event by armed police after being accused of being a Democratic operative.

Mitchell, who has attended over 80 presidential campaign events, received credentials to the “First in the Nation Leadership Summit,” organized by the New Hampshire Republican Party.

Accused of Being a “Tracker”

The young journalist’s day began with a speech by former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who is pursuing a presidential bid. 

A big lineup of events lay ahead, including a speech by Perry Johnson, a longshot Republican candidate. However, his excitement quickly turned to disbelief.

During the event, an unidentified woman approached Mitchell, alleging that he was a “tracker” – a term used for political operatives who record rival candidates’ activities. 

The accusation left Mitchell baffled, as he is a teenager, not a tracker.

Unfounded Accusations

Nevertheless, he found himself escorted into a room at the Sheraton Nashua Hotel, the event’s venue.

Inside the room, the woman, reportedly a Republican official, was accompanied by a man, and they accused Mitchell of misrepresenting himself to gain access to the event. 

The allegations took an even more concerning turn when they told Mitchell that he had been a disturbance at previous events, resulting in physical removal on two occasions. 

This was news to the young journalist.

Escorted Out by Armed Police

Mitchell recounted the incident on his podcast, sharing the unsettling encounter.

 He revealed that the woman told him, “You’ve been a disturbance, and you have been known to be one. We have had to physically remove you from two other events before, and we will do it again.”

Shortly after this confrontation, multiple police officers escorted Mitchell out of the hotel. The Boston Globe independently verified the accuracy of his story.

Mitchell insists that he was merely observing the speeches and engaging in no disruptive behavior.

Previous Question to DeSantis

 However, he suspects that his previous interactions with Republican presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis may have triggered his ejection from the event.

One such encounter took place in June when Mitchell confronted DeSantis during a political event in Hollis, New Hampshire. 

He asked DeSantis whether Donald Trump had “violated the peaceful transfer of power” by attempting to undermine the 2020 election results. 

The awkward exchange was widely shared online.

Physical Restriction at a Parade

A month later, at a Fourth of July parade, Mitchell was physically restrained by DeSantis’s private security contractors while attempting to speak with the Florida governor.

When asked about Mitchell’s removal from the summit, a spokesperson for the DeSantis campaign distanced themselves from the decision, stating, “We were not involved in that decision.”

The New Hampshire Republican Party also addressed the incident, acknowledging that it was a mistake. 

A spokesperson for the party explained, “An overzealous volunteer mistakenly made the decision to have Quinn removed from the event, thinking he was a Democrat tracker. Once the incident came to our staff’s attention, NHGOP let him back into the event, where he was free to enjoy the rest of the summit.”

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