Pair Of Thieves Net Worth, Overview, History (Updated)

A sock brand called Pair of Thieves was launched by Alan Stewart, Dave Ehrenberg and Cash Warren in 2014 with a focus on comfort, quality, and design

Due to the company’s innovative product and a little luck, it managed to open 1,800 stores within a year.

Pair of Thieves has also been able to reach as many feet as possible by assembling a well-rounded team, implementing a strong strategy, and utilizing relatable branding.

Company TypePrivate 
When Founded2012
Official Amazon StorePair of Thieves
Company Founders– David Ehrenberg
– Alan Stuart
– Cash Warren
Company HeadquartersCulver City, California
ProductsSocks, shirts, and underwear
Instagram Account@pairofthieves
Twitter Account@PairofThieves
Pair of thieves Net Worth $250k to $30 Million (Last updated 2022)
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Pair Of Thieves net worth

Founded in 2012, Pair of Thieves had 16 SKUs. Nowadays, the line has over 300 items each season. In the same period, the company’s revenue increased from $250k to $30 Million. Creative thinking and strategic planning led to this growth.

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Pair of Thieves Company Overview

A legacy brand is often created by founders who envision a product that is superior to all others. Pair of Thieves, a basic sock, underwear, and shirt brand for men, women, and children, also has a similar origin story.

The lack of good socks for men frustrated Cash Warren in 2011.

“All the dress socks for men were this really thin nylon dress sock that I always hated,” Warren explained. “I wanted a sock that was comfortable, but one that I could also dress up in for a nice occasion or to go to work.” 

Warren switched from a career as a film producer to become an entrepreneur in consumer products to take advantage of the situation and the business opportunities that arose. In a short time, Pair of Thieves launched with David Ehrenberg and Alan Stewart as partners. 

Company History

The founders of Pair of Thieves, Alan Stuart, Cash Warren, and David Ehrenberg, set out to design the perfect sock when they founded Pair of Thieves. In order to do so, the product had to be updated and turned into one that is more aesthetically pleasing, while retaining its functionality.

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Women’s socks were launched by Pair of Thieves in 2016. The Dad+Kid socks were the most popular product, which developed into Mom+Kid socks.

National Sock Day was established by Pair of Thieves on December 4, 2016. They donate socks to those in need if you use the hashtag #nationalsockday on that day.

Throughout the year, Pair of Thieves gives away more than 250,000 pairs of socks to those in need.