Not Letting Papa Get His Way Might Cost Them Their Wedding

A generous dad took to Reddit for opinions after he threatened to not pay for his son’s wedding if he couldn’t get his way. You won’t even believe the price of admission! Here is the whole story.

A Huge Budget With a Catch

OP is a 54-year-old man with three children. His 26-year-old son has a 26-year-old fiance, and they’re planning their wedding after four years of dating.

It didn’t take much arm-twisting to get OP to agree to pay for the wedding, but he had two conditions for coughing up the cash.

First, OP wanted his son and future daughter-in-law to use a wedding planner due to the scope of their plans.

They’re expecting 300-400 guests, and OP has given the couple a budget of $150,000. He just wants to make sure that everything goes as well as possible.

A Condition With Meaning

OP’s second condition for paying is that he can invite eight people who are important to him. These are older aunts and uncles who have been close to him throughout his life.

In particular, these family members helped OP with his kids after he was in a car accident that left him paralyzed below the waist. Without their support, he doesn’t know how they would have survived.

But with the family’s help, OP was able to pursue a settlement from the accident and then make some decent investments. That’s how he can afford the wedding in the first place.

The Bride Won’t Allow His Guests

Given all of that background and how large the wedding is going to be, OP was surprised when his future daughter-in-law rejected his proposal.

The young lady was fine with hiring a wedding planner, but she didn’t want any of OP’s selected guests to come to the ceremony.

She reasoned that she didn’t know OP’s aunts and uncles, and it would make her uncomfortable to have them there.

Standing By Her Decision

For his part, OP’s son didn’t care one way or the other, but he stood by his fiance’s decision. 

OP reminded his son that these weren’t suggestions but his conditions for paying for the wedding. If his family members could not attend, then he wouldn’t pay.

In the aftermath of those discussions, the girl’s family started contacting OP to tell him what a terrible person he was for holding their wedding hostage. He was their only hope of getting the ceremony they wanted.

Such a Small Request

The parents of OP’s future daughter-in-law made good money of their own, but they had paid for all their kids’ educations. That’s why they weren’t paying for the wedding.

So, OP does not consider the young woman to be a gold digger, as some Redditors initially commented.

But OP also doesn’t see what the big deal is about having a few of his relatives at the wedding when so many of the girl’s family will be there. She won’t even notice his crew.

Plans for a Wild Reception

After several more rounds of talks, OP was able to get a little better understanding of his future daughter-in-law’s hesitation.

Mostly, she was afraid that OP’s older family would not fit in well with the brash and loud party atmosphere the couple planned for their wedding.

In the end, OP convinced the young lady that his family could handle the excitement, and she agreed they could come. 

He Called Her Bluff

Redditors still have their doubts about the fiance’s motivations, though, and many of them think she only backed down because OP called her bluff.

Some of them say that the cost of the wedding is outrageous and that it’s even more outrageous that OP had such trouble just getting the OK to invite a few people who are so important to him.

Many think the marriage is going to be challenging for the rest of OP’s life.

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