Parent Governor’s Shocking Dismissal – The Battle Over Gender Ideology in Primary Schools

In a significant turn of events, a parent governor dismissed for raising objections to the gender ideology being taught at her children’s primary school has won her role back. Here’s the whole story.

She Expressed Concerns Regarding the Sex Education Lesson Plans Containing ‘Male-ness’ to ‘Female-ness’.

The woman, known as Susan to safeguard her children’s anonymity, had expressed concerns regarding the sex education lesson plans.

The primary school in Gateshead, where Susan’s children attended, utilized the controversial ‘Genderbread Person’ graphic, which presents the concept that an individual’s gender identity and expression can differ from their biological sex.

The graphic suggests that gender exists on a spectrum ranging from ‘male-ness’ to ‘female-ness’.

Susan believed these teaching materials were potentially unlawful and raised her concerns with other governors in March 2021.

She Lodged an Official Complaint

Subsequently, Susan lodged an official complaint, but before it could be resolved, the school’s governing body removed her in June 2022, citing her “continued dissatisfaction” with the process.

Furthermore, they imposed a ban preventing her from serving in any school in England for five years.

Despite an appeal to a panel set up by the local authority, Susan’s removal was upheld, leading her to seek legal recourse with the support of the Christian Institute.

Her legal team argued that the governing body and appeal panel had acted unlawfully and violated her right to freedom of expression under Article 10.

Removing Her From the School Was Unlawful

Finally, last month, the High Court issued an order stating that the decision to remove Susan was indeed unlawful.

Consequently, she was reinstated to her position as a parent governor.

Susan expressed her joy at the outcome: “I was concerned at the devastation that might be done to children from teaching gender ideology. I’m absolutely delighted that I’ve been vindicated. It feels wonderful to be back and helping the school get the best outcomes for all the children there.”

“The Discredited Idea That “Gender Identity” Can Be Different From Biological Sex Has No Basis in Science”

Ciarán Kelly, deputy director of The Christian Institute, highlighted the lack of due diligence in formulating the school’s Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) policy.

He said, “The discredited idea that “gender identity” can be different from biological sex has no basis in science, and the policy gives little or no consideration to what was suitable for the age or religious background of the pupils it would be foisted upon.”

Plus, he criticized the policy’s failure to consider the appropriateness of the materials for children of different ages and religious backgrounds.

“Her Rightful Actions Were ‘Inconsistent With Collective Decision-Making’”

Kelly also underscored the concerning aspect that only one governor felt compelled to challenge the school’s RSE policy, suggesting that these issues have become highly politicized.

He added, “To then be told her rightful actions were ‘inconsistent with collective decision-making’ added insult to injury.”

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