Parents Rob Their Son of His Childhood for Daughter’s Care, Now They Demand His Entire Future!

A fed-up man stirred outrage and sympathy on Reddit after he told his parents that he would not change his life to take care of his sister. Giving up his childhood for her was more than enough. Here is his whole story.

He’s Cared for His Sister Since He Was 10

OP is a 35-year-old man who has a 33-year-old sister. She has a syndrome that requires constant care, and she’s been that way since birth.

Growing up, OP’s parents dumped many caretaking responsibilities on their older son, who is now 42 years old.

When his older brother moved out of the house at 17, OP had to pick up the slack and start helping with his sister. He was just 10 years old at the time.

Until he turned 18 and left home, OP was never allowed to participate in extracurricular activities because his parents and sister needed him at home.

His Parents Wouldn’t Let Him See His Friends

And OP’s parents wouldn’t let him go out after school, even though they went out with friends a couple times a week.

They reasoned that OP got to see his friends at school all day, while they only got to see theirs twice a week.

Naturally, OP had to stay home and take care of his sister those nights when his parents went out for a little fun.

These days, OP avoids talking to his parents at all. Every conversation turns into them forcing him to become his sister’s full-time caregiver.

She’s on a Waiting List for a Care Facility

Recently, OP’s father had a health scare. And, though he recovered, the incident spooked him and his wife.

They suddenly realized that they wouldn’t be around to care for OP’s sister forever. So they started making arrangements.

The first step was to get OP’s sister on a waiting list to move into a residential care facility.

To address their more pressing concerns, though, OP’s parents turned to him. And they had a plan.

He’d Take Over Her Care Full Time

OP’s parents explained that since his job could be done from home, he needed to start caring for his sister on certain days. That would help him “practice” when he had to take over full-time.

OP stopped his parents right there and told them he would not be caring for his sister.

For one thing, OP has no intention of working from home. He wants to advance in his career and believes he must be in the office daily to make that happen.

For another thing, OP also wants to have free time for his hobbies and to socialize with friends.

Taking Care of His Sister Is Not His Job

OP’s parents were very disappointed in his response and said he was being selfish. They told him he wouldn’t have time for outside activities once he was his sister’s primary caregiver.

But OP repeated that he wouldn’t be caring for his sister. Then he told his parents that he already gave up his childhood for her and was not willing to give up anything else.

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP’s position and agree that taking care of his sister is not his job.

Many point out that, while the situation is terrible, OP’s sister is not his child. They think his parents have taken way too much from him already in the name of caring for her.

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