Parents-To-Be Let Dog Decide Their Baby’s Gender

One couple made the unique decision to let their dog choose their baby’s gender as they began their IVF journey to get a child. Since neither could decided a gender for the baby, they let their trusted companion decided instead!

Extraordinary IVF Journey

Serena and Jacob Cukjati from Texas opened up about their extraordinary journey with IVF as they struggled to choose their baby’s gender.

“We haven’t been able to decide if we want to transfer a girl or a boy embryo first. We have two girls and one boy for those of you who are new,” Serena shared on TikTok.

The couple decided to seek their dog Charlie’s assistance to make the choice. 

They wrote “boy” and “girl” on tennis balls and had Charlie pick the one he brought back.

Throwing Balls

As the video shows, Jacob throws the balls, and Charlie goes back and forth, carefully considering his choice.

The footage ends with Charlie proudly posing with his chosen ball, but the gender remains blurred out.

Viewers loved the heartwarming idea, and the couple left them eager for more. 

The text teased, “Come back on August 7 to find out which embryo Charlie picked!”

So Cute!

Comments poured in, with many in awe of the couple’s unique approach.

One viewer even shared the plan with their partner, “LOVE this!! Sending to my husband but way my dogs would bring neither back though lol.”

Most users were just stunned at how cute the dog and the idea was, “very cute.”

Other users were desperately trying to guess the gender, “It’s a boy, you can tell my the mark on the tennis ball!” One exclaimed.

Would you ever let your dog decide your baby’s gender? Let us know in the comments.

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