Parents’ Troubling Support for Son’s “Fat-Shaming” Cruelty Makes a Big Splash at the Pool Party – Can the Family Reconcile?

Two siblings had a fun-filled pool party with the kids before things took a sinister turn when a 7-year-old boy called out his young cousin for being “fat,” resulting in some shocking opinions from these “fat-shaming” parents.

Pool Party Takes a Dark Turn

Weekend pool days were a tradition for close siblings Stella and Carl, but this seemingly cheerful gathering took a dark turn.

In the midst of innocent poolside play, 7-year-old Peter hurled a hurtful remark at his cousin Sophia, making her distressed.

It all started when Sophia decided to jump in the pool, a favorite for kids of all ages.

Peter was startled by the size of the splash as it made the water go up his nose before unleashing a shocking fat-shaming rant for someone of his age.

Big Splash, Big Offense

Peter yelled, “Maybe if you weren’t so fat, you wouldn’t have made such a big splash.”

Stella swiftly intervened, urging Peter to apologize for his hurtful comment, showing off his protective instincts.

Peter’s reaction was not remorse but laughter and sticking out his tongue. It’s a hurtful comment now, combined with poor manners.

Sophia climbed out of the pool in tears, a painful sight to see for the mother of a 12-year-old girl.

“Kids Will Be Kids.”

Stella turned to her brother Carl for support in addressing the situation, with hopes that the father could help teach his son a lesson.

Carl’s response was unexpectedly dismissive, downplaying the hurtful remark by saying, “kids will be kids.”

A simple apology request showed Carl’s true beliefs after he suggested that the comment contained some truth about Sophia’s weight.

Stella later admitted that although her daughter had gained some weight, their doctor had assured them she was not fat by any means.

“Being Overweight Is Not Healthy”

Carl’s wife, Sylvia, stepped into the debate and sided with her husband’s stance that Sophia had gained weight, “I couldn’t believe I was hearing this from another woman,” Stella revealed.

“Maybe you should be focusing on Sophia’s health instead of telling my son what to do. Being overweight is not healthy, you know,” Carl argued with his sister.

Then Stella took a decisive step and blocked communication with Carl, uninviting them to any future family gatherings.

Ban on Ignorance

Their mother suggested they were “both at fault” and pleaded for them to forgive each other. 

Now, Stella has turned to Reddit to see if she should forgive her brother or continue waiting for an apology.

One Reddit user suggested that Stella did the right thing by saying, “No more using the pool at your place. Tell mom she should have raised your brother better; he is ignorant as is his son,” blaming their mother for Carl’s behavior.

Should Stella put family bonds over a dispute? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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