Peloton Net Worth, History, Founder, Products (Updated)

Peloton Interactive, Inc. provides exercise equipment and media services in New York City. Peloton is known for its Internet-connected fitness bikes and treadmills that let subscribers take classes online. 

For US$39 a month, Peloton members can take classes using their fitness equipment, or $12.99 if they use the website or app only.

Peloton Net Worth

The net worth of Peloton Interactive is $9.83B as of 2022.

The Company’s History

In 2011, Barnes and Noble executive John Foley suggested to his colleague, Tom Cortese, that technology might enable busy individuals to enjoy the full benefits of cycling in a high-end studio in the comfort of their own homes. 

In January 2012, Peloton Interactive, LLC was founded. In February 2012, $400k was raised as seed funding, followed by 3.5 million in December 2012. The first Peloton bike was sold on Kickstarter in 2013 for $1,500. Then in 2014, Peloton released its first stationary bicycle.

Peloton Products


The Tread+ (originally called Tread) was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2018. On the machine’s front is a 32″ touch screen and soundbar that plays live classes. It features a rubber-slatted running surface, similar to Woodway’s professional treadmills.

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A Peloton bike is a stationary bicycle equipped with a touchscreen for the rider to watch exercise classes. It is powered by an Android-based touchscreen.

Digital membership

Those who do not have Peloton exercise equipment have the option of streaming all classes through an app or website. This digital subscription costs $12.99 per month.


Peloton launched the Peloton Guide in November 2021, a digital media player incorporated with a camera for streaming workouts and tracking movements. Pricing for the device starts at $495 when it is released in 2022.