Pence – ‘I’m Not Mad,’ Just “Deeply Disappointed” by Defiant Republican’s That Helped Blow Up Congress

A small group of Republicans just helped blow up the House of Representatives. Now, Mike Pence has a message for his fellow conservatives that they might not want to hear. Here’s the full story.

Vultures Started Swarming

It didn’t take long for the vultures to start swarming after Speaker of the House Mike McCarthy brokered a deal with Democrats to keep the government running.

With the deadline for coming up with a new budget set at October 1, McCarthy worked with Dems and fellow Republicans to come up with a 45-day stay of execution.

It was just that sort of “continuing resolution” that McCarthy vowed to avoid at all costs when he was lobbying to become speaker back in early 2023.

But the reality of the impasse caught up with McCarthy as time ran out, and he apparently saw no other choice.

That tough spot didn’t matter to a small group of conservative representatives, though.

History Making Speaker

Led by Florida’s Matt Gaetz, eight Republicans joined with 208 Democrats in voting to remove McCarthy as speaker.

It was a historically awful moment, as the House had voted on the removal of a speaker only once before.

That came way back in 1910, but Joe Cannon survived that uprising.

That makes McCarthy the only Speaker of the House to ever be removed from his position by his congressional colleagues.

And the move throws the House back into the chaos that McCarthy himself was barely managing to keep at bay.

For the time being, Patrick McHenry will serve as speaker pro tempore until the rest of the circus can figure out what’s next.

Pence Deeply Disappointed by Republicans

The spectacle unfolding in Congress isn’t confined to the recesses of the Capitol building, either. In fact, it’s become a big story on the campaign trail.

In an appearance at Georgetown University as part of a foreign policy forum, former Vice President Mike Pence was asked by moderator Meg Kinnard what he thought about the situation in the House.

Pence didn’t mince words when it came to addressing the shortcomings of his fellow Republicans.

“I am deeply disappointed that a handful of Republicans would partner with all the Democrats,” Pence said.

Pence then laid into the lawmakers for wasting time and energy on petty in-fighting rather than doing their jobs – solving America’s problems.

Border and Energy Crisis

None of the back-biting is helping American families, the Presidential candidate said. And none of it is addressing problems with border security or helping with the energy crisis.

What’s more, Pence said, all of the fighting and intrigue is not over by a long shot. And he even thinks it may end up with no net change in Washington.

Specifically, Pence expects voting for the next Speaker to begin in short order.

What’s more, he thinks most Republicans will vote to hand the gavel back to McCarthy.

The Clocked Started Ticking

In the meantime, the 45-day clock for a new budget resolution is ticking away.

And the Speaker who helped keep the ship moving has had his political knees capped.

Will the Republicans get their act together in time to avoid a shutdown?

Mike Pence is watching from the sidelines with the pursed lips and folded arms of a disappointed dad.

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