Denied Their Wishes: Petty, Jealous Daughter Manipulated Parents to Remove Beloved Grandson From Their Will

A money-watching daughter divided Redditors after she forced her elderly parents to remove her nephew from their will. She even turned down a lucrative offer to make it happen. Here is the whole story.

Half and Half

OP is a 47-year-old woman whose elderly parents recently decided to set up their will.

Since the older couple only had two children, OP assumed everything would be split in half.

But OP’s 51-year-old brother threw a wrench into her plans, just like he’s been doing for most of her life.

When he was 17 years old, OP’s brother had a terrible accident that left him in a coma for months.

Life Long Disabilities

When he eventually regained consciousness and started rehab, it became clear that he would have disabilities for the rest of his life.

Since then, OP’s parents have dedicated themselves to helping care for their son, and they think the sun and moon set with him.

It’s all caused a lot of emotional stress for OP over the years, and she’s spent a lot of time in therapy.

But even though OP’s brother lost most of his motor skills in the accident, he pushed on.

A Son of His Own

Eventually, he had a son of his own. Tragically, though, the baby’s mother died during childbirth.

And, since OP’s brother couldn’t care for his new son, her parents took them both in.

Over the next couple of decades, OP’s parents raised their nephew like he was their own son.

He stayed with them until he moved out of state for a job when he was 26.

Now 31, the nephew has built a happy and successful life. OP loves him and is very proud of him.

Discussing Inheritance

But all of that history came crashing down on OP when she and her brother sat down with her parents and their lawyer to talk through their will.

During the meeting, OP’s parents said they wanted to be sure everything they had was split three ways when they were gone.

That confused OP since there was just her and her brother. When she asked if her parents had misspoken, they said that her nephew would be the third beneficiary.

Since they had raised him like a son, OP’s parents also wanted their grandson to be treated like their child when they were gone.

Not Fair!

OP was shocked and said it wasn’t fair for her nephew to get part of the inheritance if her kids didn’t.

That annoyed OP’s brother and he told her to mind her own business. Their parents could split their money however they wanted, he said.

After some back and forth, OP finally convinced her parents to drop her nephew from their will. But that was hardly the last of the problems.

As word of the meeting with the lawyer made its way through OP’s family, her nephew eventually found out what she did.

Petty Aunt

The two of them talked, and OP’s nephew said he didn’t really care about or need the money. But he did think she was being petty.

OP’s nephew also offered a solution. He said that if his grandparents put him in the will, he would use the money to set up a college fund for OP’s kids.

But OP rejected the idea because she said this matter was about principle, not money.

Now, OP’s brother is mad at her and her parents, and her nephew is done with the whole thing.

Not Your Choice

Redditors are somewhat torn about this situation.

Some of them think OP was right in taking a stand for her inheritance, saying it would be wrong for her brother’s side of the family to get two-thirds while she got only one-third.

But most commenters see OP as petty and greedy, and they don’t think she should have any say in what her parents do with their money.

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