Pharmacist Refuses to Give Trans Man His Hormone Prescription Due to “Religious Beliefs”

A distressing incident unfolded at a Walgreens pharmacy in Oakland, California, when a Trans man was denied his hormone replacement medication. Here’s what happened.

He Was Refused His Hormone Replacement Prescription

Roscoe Rike, a 30-year-old transgender resident of Oakland, had been a regular customer at the Walgreens pharmacy on Telegraph Avenue for nearly a decade.

However, an unfamiliar pharmacist refused to hand over his hormone replacement prescription during his recent visit.

The pharmacist claimed that filling the prescription conflicted with his religious beliefs.

Reacting to the denial, Rike began recording a video of the interaction, confronting the pharmacist about his authority to override a doctor’s prescription.

“My Medical Information Is Not Your Concern”

Rike’s frustration was evident as he asserted that his medical information was not the pharmacist’s concern.

Despite Rike’s protests, the pharmacist denied him the medication even after making phone calls for consultation.

Feeling helpless and distressed, Rike insisted on speaking to a manager.

After involving an employee familiar with Rike’s situation, a manager was called in and promptly resolved the issue.

It Caused Him Profound Emotional Pain

Rike expressed profound emotional pain caused by the incident and vowed to file a formal complaint with the Walgreens corporate office.

Plus, he reached out to the transgender law center for support and guidance in addressing the discrimination he experienced.

In response to the alleged incident, Walgreens issued a statement emphasizing its commitment to meeting the needs of patients while respecting the religious and moral beliefs of its team members.

The company outlined its policy of requiring employees with religious or moral objections to refer customers to another employee or manager who can fulfill their needs.

“You’re There To Give People Their Prescriptions, Not Make Your Beliefs Stand in the Way of Their Treatment.”

They asserted that such instances are rare.

Several Twitter users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One user wrote, “I don’t think dispensing medication is covered by religious beliefs. Would the tech do the same if a person needed their insulin/heart meds/weight loss meds because of their beliefs? As far as I know, there’s nothing in any religious text that says it’s against God to be Trans.”

Another Twitter user commented, “If your beliefs mean you have to be an idiot and not do your job. Go work somewhere where that’s not an issue. You’re there to give people their prescriptions, not make your beliefs stand in the way of their treatment.”

So what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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