“Pickup Truck with an American Flag, That Person Is a Racist” – A Hot Take from “Gen Z’s Finest”

One white woman took to TikTok to express her anxiety at seeing the American flag outside houses and on pickup trucks before making a controversial comparison that has angered many on social media.

American Anxiety

A recent TikTok video by Kris (@kriskaymusic) sparked anger online as she called the American flag racist.

Kris boldly shared her views on American identity in a video captioned, “Is it me or am I the only one that gets anxiety about American flags & pickup trucks?” 

The video featured onscreen text that read, “American flags = Confederate flags.”

“White Racist Neighbourhood”

Kris walked through a neighborhood alongside a friend that she claimed is a “White racist neighbourhood,” something that we cannot confirm from the video.

Kris then boldly stated, “So I’m walking around in a racist white neighborhood and I noticed how if I see a pickup truck with an American flag, it’s basically like the Confederate flag.” 

Kris turns to her friend, who nods in agreement, “It’s safe to say that if you see a pickup truck with an American flag, that person is a racist,” she declared. 

Flag Equals Racist

As the camera pans to a house with a large pole proudly displaying an American flag in the yard, Kris pointed out, “Okay, if you have an American flag outside of your house, you’re probably a racist.”

Comments for the video were turned off on TikTok by Kris herself, but when the video was reposted on Twitter, people made their opinions clear.

Gen Z’s Finest

One user called the girls in the video “Gen Z’s Finest,” sarcastically poking at the young generation.

One user admitted that they love America but also feel the same as Kris, “Literally feel like this n I love America for the most part,” they said.

Some users argued that if she hates America, she should move away, “They really should move to another country,” one insisted.

Is the American flag the new Confederate flag? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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