Picky Mom’s Backhanded Compliments Backfire When Daughter Matches Her Passive Aggression With a Style Rebellion

One daughter is sick and tired of her mother always judging her outfits, so now she’s decided to dress as an emo every day to get back at her.

Backhanded Compliments

Gemma gets backhanded compliments from her mother daily, such as, “You have such a beautiful face, why don’t you want to wear makeup more often?”

Tired of the constant patronizing and backhanded compliments, Gemma has decided that enough is enough with her mother, Jane.

“I don’t care to dress up even in my own favorite style because I prefer to be comfortable,” Gemma admits.

Jane always wants Gemma to change her style, “your eyes are so pretty, why don’t you wear contacts so your glasses don’t hide them?” 

Bringing Her Mom to Therapy

Even bringing her mom to a therapy session to stop her from pushing her style onto her daughter didn’t seem to work.

Eager to make her mom change her ways, Gemma creates a cunning plan.

The next time she visits her parents’ house, she decides to go all out in her beloved emo style.

“If she so badly wants me to dress up, then why don’t I do so in my style that she doesn’t like?” Gemma argues.

Making the Effort

Gemma argues that she’s only doing what her mother wants, and that is caring about her fashion sense and making an effort.

“I know she will likely be embarrassed going out in public with me dressed that way and not like it. But maybe telling her I’m simply doing what she wanted me to do will get her to leave me be.”

Reddit loved her idea to get back at her mother with many comments approving her decision.

“if your mother is embarrassed by you, that’s on her for being so shallow,” One user argued.

Grow Up!

“It’s a little childish,” One user suggests, disagreeing with Gemma’s method.

“That’s super passive-aggressive. idk, if it were me, I probably just wouldn’t go visit if my appearance was constantly being judged.” Another user suggests

Do you think it’s childish for Gemma to dress emo to get back at her mother’s insults? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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