Pipcorn Net Worth, Founder, History, Launch

Pipsnacks are organic popcorn snacks made with small kernels. Pipsnacks was founded by Jeff Martin and Jens Martin of New York City. 

Their Pipcorn product was featured in November 2014 on Shark Tank. This is an all-natural, organic snack product that does not contain any gluten, which comes in five different flavors: Kettle, Sea salt, Truffle, Cheddar, and Rosemary. Since its debut on Shark Tank, Pie Snack has earned numerous popular ads. 

Full NamePipcorn
FoundersJeff Martin and Jens Martin  
Official Amazon StorePipcorn
Instagram Account@pipsnacks
Twitter Account@Pipsnacks
Facebook Account@Pipcorn
Pipcorn Net Worth$1.4 Million (Last Updated 2022)
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Pipcorn net worth

Since Barbara joined the firm to provide his expertise, Scratch & Grain has garnered sales of over $400,000, and Pipcorn’s sales have amounted to nearly $1.4 million. Even with the vast number of snacks sold, the numbers are still increasing.

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Pipcorn History 

It all started in 2011, when Jeff, Jen’s brother, helped her pack up her apartment, and after packing all her stuff up and not having anything to eat, he found some popcorn kernels hiding in the back of the cabinet and started popping them. 

There was a lot of flavor and crunch in these heirloom popcorn kernels despite their tiny size (with barely any hulls). When Jeff and Jen ate batches of heirloom popcorn, they knew it was something everyone should try.

Pipcorn Launch

Pipcorn was founded in 2012 by Jen, Jeff, and Jeff’s wife Teresa with little savings and a big dream of reinventing childhood favorites with heirloom corn that is guilt-free and tastes great.

When they launched the hand-stamped popcorn bags at a Farmers’ Market in Brooklyn, they received a lot of support from everyone around them, including Oprah and Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank!

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