Never Too Old for Playground Squabbles: New Mom Insults and Accuses Her of Lying So She Gave Her a Piece of Her Mind

A shocked mother stirred up anger among Redditors after she told another mother to mind her own business. The problem is that she set her husband up to deal with the fallout. Here is the whole story.

Split Household Duties

OP is a 30-year-old woman with a 7-year-old daughter. She and her husband split household duties.

The husband usually picks up their daughter from school, but he recently was sick with a sinus infection. So OP picked up the slack that day.

OP’s husband always kept her updated on any changes, though, so she knew her daughter had a new classmate.

When OP arrived for pickup, she noticed an unfamiliar face and knew that the woman was the mother of the new kid.

New Kid, New Mom

So OP struck up a conversation with the new woman, and the two started chatting while they waited.

During their talk, the other girl’s mom asked OP what she did for a living. OP told her that she ran her own business from home.

And that was the truth, as OP sells jewelry and other items on Etsy. She gave up her corporate job to go out on her own and now makes more money than ever.

But the other woman wasn’t buying it, and she told OP she knew people like her.

Unfounded Accusations

She told OP she knew she was lying so that she wouldn’t look bad in her middle-class neighborhood. Then, the woman went on to accuse OP of being on welfare. 

OP repeated that she owned her own successful business, but the other woman just continued to put her down. 

Finally, OP had had enough of the mistreatment and assumptions, and she told the new girl’s mother to mind her own business. 

That made the other woman even more angry, and she called OP a few choice names. At that point, OP decided that she needed to end the encounter before it got really out of control.

Another Mom Sets Her Straight

So OP walked away from the bully parent to wait for her daughter.

Later, when OP was walking away from the school with her daughter, she overheard another parent telling the loudmouth that OP really did run a successful business.

OP didn’t stop to turn around, but she was dying to see the look on the face of the new girl’s mother. She wondered if the other woman felt bad at all for the way she acted.

Doubting Herself

But after she got home, OP replayed the situation in her mind, and now she’s the one who feels bad. She’s not happy she let the other woman get under her skin.

And OP is really not proud of the way she reacted and the things she said.

Now, OP is debating whether or not she should apologize to the other mom. Her main concern is that she has set her husband up for tense times at pickup from now on.

It’s HER That Needs to Apologize

Redditors think OP was justified in her reaction to the parent who put her down, and they don’t think she should apologize.

Most of them can’t believe a parent would step into a new situation and put down another mother in such a crude and crass way.

They think that the other mother should apologize to OP.

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