Plot Twist Central! – Best Friend Turns Out To Be HER Online Troll!

A woman revealed in a podcast that she had been fighting against a troll online, only to realise that the troll had been her best friend the entire time! This shocking revelation was read out on the Girls Overheard podcast before being posted in a viral TikTok clip.

Girls Overheard Podcast

To find support and advice, the woman, whom we’ll call Amanda, contacted the Girls Overheard podcast.

The podcast offered a platform for her to share the details of her devastating discovery.

As the hosts read her story, they express their disbelief and shock.

Amanda revealed that she had been creating fashion videos for six months, hoping to turn her passion into a successful career.

“Cringe-Worthy” Dreams

Amanda’s supposed “friends” had not shown support for her dreams. Instead, they belittled her efforts, finding them “cringe-worthy.”

After sharing a TikTok video with her friend group, she was notified that the same user who consistently left hurtful comments on her videos had viewed the shared content.

It dawned on her that her best friend was the anonymous troll.

The troll’s comments were downright cruel, from body-shaming remarks to mocking her dreams, the hurtful words cut deep.

“Frienemies… The Worst Kind of Women You Can Have In Your Life. Get Rid!”

Now faced with a painful dilemma, the woman seeks guidance on confronting her friend and addressing the hurtful trolling.

The woman has been shown unbelievable support from strangers on TikTok, “Frienemies… the worst kind of women you can have in your life. Get rid!” is the advice that rings from the comments section.

“She is not your friend. Cut ties and get better friends x” suggests another.

Do you have any advice for Amanda? Share your thoughts in the comments and get involved in the conversation.

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