“The Needs of Plus-Size Travelers” Campaigners Demands the World Gets ‘Bigger and Sturdier’ to Accommodate Them

One plus-sized TikToker’s call for change has divided the platform after Jaelynn demanded hotels improve their inclusivity to make plus-size individuals more comfortable. Some argue that her ideas are out of control for the hotel.

Revolutionize the Travel Industry

Her mission is clear: to revolutionize the travel industry, making it more accessible and accepting for everyone, regardless of their body size.

Jaelynn argued, “The needs of plus-size travelers matter just as much as anybody else’s,” before laying out her list of demands for all to hear.

Jaelynn outlined ten improvements that she believes the hotel industry should undertake, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for individuals of varying body sizes, but some social media users weren’t too welcoming of her ideas.

One of her key recommendations is for hotels to provide “sturdy and wider chairs without armrests,” aiming to offer comfortable seating that accommodates plus-size individuals.

She also demanded the need for beds with “strong support and a high weight capacity,” so she wouldn’t have to worry about an embarrassing bed break.


Jaelynn called for thoughtful measures in bathrooms, such as “grab-bars in showers and near toilets,” making it easier to maneuver around the facilities.

She underlined the necessity of properly trained staff, stating, “Train staff to be respectful, understanding, and accommodating to travelers of all sizes.”

Jaelynn’s call for change was met with a range of responses, with some agreeing and others widely critical.

Some individuals agreed with her vision. One user even said, “I’m backing you 100%!” While another added, “Me too!”

“This Is Not Physically or Monetarily Possible”

Most users argued that the hotel wouldn’t be able to budget for those changes, including one hotel industry worker who stated, “As someone in hotel management, many budgets simply wouldn’t allow for this. You’re asking for tens, hundreds, & even million dollar adjustments.”

One user sarcastically wrote, “I actually need the toilet lowered how about that I would like the world to accommodate me and my 4’11 body.”

Another user found the whole thing amusing, stating “You have no idea how construction works. This is not physically or monetarily possible.”

Overall, Tiktokers were not impressed by the list of demands, with one politely pointing out, “I agree this is ideal, but some of these are out of the hotel control. Lift size for example.”

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