Police On Woke Ice: New Policy Could Fire Officers for Probing Colleague’s Gender!

In a recently issued guidance, Police officers have been warned that they could be sacked for questioning a colleague’s gender. Here’s the whole story.

“Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy”

The newly introduced “Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy” by Surrey and Sussex Police seeks to align the forces with the public sector’s equality duty.

Under this policy, officers, staff, special constables, and volunteers are expected to adopt a “zero-tolerance approach” toward discrimination, including harassment based on gender identity.

One of the critical requirements of the policy is that asking “invasive questions about an individual’s gender identity” constitutes verbal harassment, potentially leading to disciplinary action.

Critics, including former police officer Harry Miller, founder of the campaign group Fair Cop, argue that such policies divert police officers’ attention from their fundamental responsibility.

The Rainbow Rabbit Hole of Gender Identity

He said, “The police policy writers spend an inordinate amount of time down the rainbow rabbit hole of gender identity because it makes them feel important and progressive. It is much easier than the hard graft of catching criminals.”

By explicitly defining certain behaviors as harassment, the policy provides a framework for officers to navigate situations that could lead to discomfort or alienation among their colleagues.

While the policy aims to protect officers from uncomfortable situations, it has ignited a broader debate about the role of police forces in society.

Last year, the Policy Exchange think-tank report highlighted concerns that some police forces prioritized ideological gestures over practical crime-solving measures.

Lawful Obligations Under the Equality Act

The report suggested that actions like “taking a knee” and wearing partisan political symbols might detract from the perception of impartiality and efficiency.

Some critics argue that the policy could inadvertently stifle open dialogue, as officers may fear repercussions for asking genuine questions related to gender identity.

Responding to criticism, a Sussex Police spokesman said, “Our policy is in line with thousands of other organizations across the country and meets our lawful obligations under the Equality Act, which includes gender as a protected characteristic.”

Several Twitter users shared their thoughts on the incident.

“The Police Have Gone Fully Woke”

One Twitter user wrote, “This will inspire teamwork, not! ‘Officers’ who are more insistent on waving a flag than policing will move jobs every few months as they become more and more offended by people not ‘conforming’ to their view.”

Another User wrote, “The police have gone fully woke. There are only two sexes/genders. Male = Masculine and Female = feminine.”

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