Poop Slinging Elderly Lady: Her Nightmare Neighbor Arrives at Her Door With Something Surprising to Say

A woman, Sasha Poldmaa, took to TikTok to document her unbelievable experience with a mischievous neighbor who decided to leave this disgusting mess in Sasha’s garden.

Driveway in Deep Doo-Doo 

For three consecutive days, Sasha returned home only to find her driveway covered in dog poop. 

She suspected her neighbor might have thought the dogs were hers and decided to retaliate by throwing the mess onto her property. 

Sasha set up a camera to record the ongoing ordeal in order to catch the perpetrator. The shocking footage revealed that her elderly neighbor was indeed behind the dirty deed, intentionally throwing dog poop onto her driveway.

In the now-viral video, Sasha expressed her disbelief, saying, “This old lady from next door comes,” before explaining the disgusting mess on her shovel. She then explains how she was “throwing it on my driveway.”

Poop Delivery

With millions of views on the first video, Sasha wasn’t done yet. In part two, she took matters into her own hands.

Writing a stern letter to her neighbor, Sasha confronted her about the intentional dog poop dumping. 

She accused the elderly woman of making “arrogant and frightening assumptions” about her animal ownership.

To drive her point home, Sasha gathered four bags of dog poop that had littered her driveway and delivered them, along with the letter, straight into her neighbor’s mailbox during the night.

Legal Action

Sasha decided to take legal action. 

In part three, she headed to the police station to secure trespassing notice letters to send to her neighbor, warning her not to step foot on her property again.

But, in a surprising twist, the elderly neighbor paid Sasha a visit after reading the letter.

During the apology, the neighbor confessed to throwing not just dog poop but cat poop as well, aiming for Sasha’s kids’ trampoline. 

Caught on Camera

She also admitted to receiving a trespass notice before.

In the comments section, one Irish commenter revealed how they would do it, “in Ireland we put it through letter box in the front door so it’s left sitting in her hallway.”

Some speculated that she only regretted her actions because she got caught on video, “at least she came to apologize and sounds genuinely sorry but it sound’s like it’s because she’s embarrassed you caught her on video.”

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