Pope Accused of “Heresy” for “Blessing Sin” – Pushing Forward the Church’s Extension of ‘God’s Grace’ to LGBTQ+ Unions

Pope Francis has extended a groundbreaking olive branch to LGBTQ+ Catholics by expressing his openness to blessing same-sex unions. This monumental shift in the Church’s position represents a significant turning point for LGBTQ+ individuals within the Catholic community.

Blessings for Same-Sex Unions Deserving of God’s Grace

Pope Francis, known for his progressive views on social issues and emphasis on acceptance and inclusion, underscored the sacred nature of same-sex relationships, stating that they are deserving of God’s blessing. 

This pivotal declaration comes as a response to a letter of inquiry, known as a “dubia,” from a panel of five conservative cardinals. The letter sought a direct yes or no response regarding the Catholic Church’s stance on homosexuality.

The five cardinals initially penned their inquiry in July, seeking clarification on the Pope’s intentions regarding blessing same-sex unions. 

Dissatisfied with the initial response, they reworded the “dubia” letter, emphasizing the gravity of the matter. 

Blessing Same-Sex Unions

Pope Francis’s response, published on September 25th, provided clarity: While the Church maintains its recognition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman, it acknowledges the possibility of blessing same-sex unions.

In his response, Pope Francis articulated the nature of seeking a blessing, describing it as “a request for help from God, a prayer to be able to live better, a trust in a father who can help us live better.” He further emphasized the importance of “pastoral prudence” and “pastoral charity” in guiding the clergy’s responses to same-sex couples seeking blessings.

This decision represents a shift from Pope Francis’s earlier stance in March when he asserted that the Church could not bless same-sex unions as it could not “bless sin.” 

The Pope’s change of heart aligns with a decision made by the German Church earlier this year, permitting Catholic priests in Cologne to bless same-sex unions.

LGBTQ+ Catholics Celebrate

LGBTQ+ Catholics and advocacy groups have greeted Pope Francis’s revised stance with enthusiasm. Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD, lauded the decision as “both unprecedented and compassionate.” 

She highlighted the Pope’s consistent efforts to affirm LGBTQ+ individuals and their dignity, noting that this move extends that affirmation to their relationships.

The New Ways Ministry, an organization advocating for LGBTQ+ Catholics, emphasized that allowing pastoral ministers to bless same-gender couples signifies the Church’s recognition of the holy love that exists within these relationships. 

They view it as a significant step toward fuller equality and an end to the marginalization experienced by LGBTQ+ individuals within the Church.

Opposition to The Pope’s Stance 

Critics on X (formerly Twitter) were not as quick to sing the Pope’s praises. One user offered their opinion, “The Pope’s job is to lead Christ’s Church on earth, not change Christ’s teaching on what is sin. Sin can not be blessed. Catholics who know their faith will reject this no matter what the Pope and other heretics agree to in Rome. Pray for the Pope.”

Another user remarked, “Has there ever been a pope who was less catholic than this guy?”

This development is in line with Pope Francis’s previous efforts to support LGBTQ+ Catholics. 

In January, he emphasized that “homosexuality is not a crime” and condemned countries that criminalize same-sex relationships as unjust. 


A year earlier, the Pope encouraged parents to support their LGBTQ+ children, discouraging “an attitude of condemnation.”

According to a 2022 study by UCLA’s Williams Institute, 47 percent of LGBTQ+ individuals in the United States identify as religious, and one in seven highly-religious LGBTQ+ adults are married to a same-sex partner.

Pope Francis’s openness to blessing same-sex unions marks a historic step forward. 

While it falls short of full marriage recognition, it is a stride towards embracing all members of the Catholic community, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

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