Power Surge Scandal – Trump’s Blistering Attack Sparks ‘Unprecedented’ Scathing Critique of DeSantis

Governor Ron DeSantis’ decision to increase electricity rates was the primary point in Trump’s recent line of criticism. Here’s the full story.

Trump Launched a Scathing Critique of DeSantis on His Truth Social Platform

On August 31, Trump launched a scathing critique of DeSantis on his Truth Social platform.

He accused the Florida governor of approving a massive 20% increase in the state’s electricity rates, labeling it the largest in Florida’s history.

He wrote, “So now it is learned that Governor Ron DeSanctimonious unnecessarily approved a 20% hike in Florida Electricity Rates, the largest in history (by far!), after taking a 9.5 Million Dollar Campaign Contribution from ‘money machine’ Florida Power and Light, and subsidiaries.”

“His Campaign and Poll Numbers Have ‘Crashed’ to a Point Where It Doesn’t Matter Much Anymore, but What a Shame for Florida!”

But Trump didn’t limit his criticism to electricity rates. He proceeded to target DeSantis’s handling of the insurance industry.

Trump wrote, “Next up to check out is the Insurance Industry, where DeSanctus gave up the store.”

“His campaign and poll numbers have ‘CRASHED’ to a point where it doesn’t matter much anymore, but what a shame for Florida!” he continued.

Trump’s bashing comes after DeSantis gave a speech that emphasized “supporting the needs of the people who are in harm’s way”

Trump Rarely Passes on an Opportunity for Political Jabs

Amid Hurricane Idalia, DeSantis emphasized the importance of prioritizing the needs of Floridians affected by the disaster over short-term political calculations.

DeSantis said, “That has got to triumph over any type of short-term political calculation or any type of positioning. This is the real deal. You have people’s lives that have been at risk.”

DeSantis’ approach earned a commendation from an unexpected quarter: President Joe Biden.

President Biden, who, like Trump, rarely passes on an opportunity for political jabs, commended DeSantis’ past hurricane responses in Florida.

“I Spent a Lot of Time With Him Walking From Community to Community, Making Sure He Had What He Needed To Get It Done”

He shared personal recollections of his involvement in hurricane recovery efforts alongside the governor. He emphasized their shared commitment to putting people before politics.

“I know this sounds strange, especially how the nature of politics today,” Biden said.

“But, you know, I was down there when the last major storm (hit). I spent a lot of time with him walking from community to community, making sure he had what he needed to get it done,” the president added.

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

“Ron Does Know How To Govern and Lead That Much Is Obvious, Unlike Trump Who Just Seems Like HR Is Fundraising To Pay His Legal Bills.”

One user wrote, “Ron does know how to govern and lead that much is obvious, unlike Trump who just seems like HR is fundraising to pay his legal bills.”

Another user added, “DeSantis handles difficult issues fairly well. He’s been an excellent governor.”

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