Preacher Arrested as He Read From the Bible at a Pride Event; He Claimed He Had “Zero” Affiliation With the Neo-Nazis and Was Merely Rescuing Innocent Children From Sexualization

Over the weekend in Watertown, Wisconsin, a clash of convictions unfolded at the city’s annual “Pride in the Park” event, where a Christian protester was handcuffed and detained by police in a video that quickly went viral. Here’s the full story.

Warriors for Christ Videoed His Arrest

The incident, captured on video, revolves around Marcus Schroeder, a member of the Christian group, who was reading from the Bible through a microphone.

As officers surrounded him, tensions escalated, resulting in his microphone and speaker being confiscated, and Schroeder being handcuffed.

The arrest was carried out under the pretext of violating a sound ordinance related to noise amplification.

Jason Storms, a fellow member of the Warriors for Christ group, recorded the encounter and shared it on social media.

That Infringed Upon Their Right To Free Speech and Expression

Storms alleged that not only Schroeder but also three other young individuals from their group were arrested at the behest of city leaders.

These arrests, Storms claimed, infringed upon their right to free speech and expression.

Schroeder, undeterred by the arrest, voiced his belief in the cause, stating, “It was worth it. It’s actually an honor to be counted worthy to stand with the cloud of witnesses who have gone before us and been arrested for the sake of spreading Christ and his Kingdom.”

He added, “If the police wanted to try and set an example for others or anything like that, the only thing I’ve seen is actually the exact opposite, where more and more people are seeing the severity of what’s going on and being called to more action.”

Participants Dressed Provocatively and Danced Suggestively

Storms claimed that the event’s participants dressed provocatively and danced suggestively in front of young attendees.

The tensions reached another peak as Nick Proell, another member of the Christian group, was arrested.

Despite the arrest, Proell expressed his unwavering commitment to his cause, stating, “I’d do it all over again if it gives me an opportunity to share the good news and rescue innocent children being sexualized by their parents.”

While the arrest video garnered substantial attention on social media, it largely remained absent from national media reports. Instead, the focus shifted to a group of neo-Nazis who disrupted the Pride event.

They Had “Zero” Affiliation With the Neo-Nazis

Storms was quick to distance his ministry from these disruptive elements, asserting that they had “zero” affiliation with the neo-Nazis and had attempted to engage them in dialogue as well.

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Just police doing their jobs. Unwanted, cacophonous, megaphone-amplified shouting can be unsettling for people with sensory issues and other disabilities, as well as young children.”

Another user commented, “Good, safer for kids to be around drag queens than preachers.”

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