Pregnant Teen’s Shocking Insult Ignites Fiery Clash with Mother-In-Law: Whose Side Are You On?

Judy’s 18-year-old son Justin had knocked up his high school girlfriend, Hailey, also 18. 

A Unplanned Pregnancy

It was an unplanned pregnancy with big repercussions – Hailey’s mom kicking her out of her house.

Judy had never liked Hailey, but she had to take pity on her now that she was carrying her grandchild, so she begrudgingly let her move in.

Both Hailey and Justin gave up on the idea of college for the near future, and her son had taken a full-time job to provide for his new family.

The problem, however, was Hailey and her lack of respect. She refused to do anything in the house except absolutely nothing all day!

Mom-To-Be Was Increasingly Lazy

She locked herself in Justin’s room, eating snacks and watching YouTube on his computer.

Judy had to drag Hailey out of the bedroom to help with cooking so she could clean up her son’s bedroom.

But the kicker is that Hailey complained 24/7 – she cried about how Judy was working her like a slave despite her constant pregnancy pain, and she complained to Justin about Judy’s “horrible” treatment of her. Judy was running out of patience – all of this, as she says, just because she wanted a little help around the house.

Judy and her husband are paying for all of Hailey’s medical bills, and Judy knew that she wasn’t having a high-risk pregnancy – even so, she only gave her easy tasks around the house, things that didn’t take much effort.

“I Didn’t Know There Were Churches That Were Allowing People Looking Like Striptease Dancers In”

However, Hailey recently crossed a line that Judy didn’t think she could cross back over. Judy had gotten dressed up nicely, and Hailey had asked her where she was going.

When Judy told Hailey she was getting ready for church, she responded, “I didn’t know there were churches that were allowing people looking like striptease dancers in.” Judy saw RED.

She had had it with Hailey and told her straight that she doesn’t care who she is, she’s not going to allow Hailey to disrespect her while she’s living in her house! She told Hailey that if she can’t keep her attitude in check, she can get out of her home.

This set off Hailey crying, and she immediately called Justin, who later gave Judy attitude for treating his girlfriend like garbage. The best part? He told Judy that she had no idea what Hailey was going through!

Was Judy in the Wrong?

Judy’s husband thought that Hailey was definitely out of line. However, he also thought she was probably only acting out because of pregnancy hormones.

He thought Judy could’ve handled the situation better without threatening to leave Hailey homeless.

So Judy was conflicted; was she wrong for what she said? She took to Reddit to find out what they thought.

Redditors thought Judy was entirely within her rights to get angry at Hailey. They felt that even though Hailey was pregnant, there were minimal tasks she could handle to contribute to the household. Commenters thought Hailey had received a much-needed reality check, with the phrase “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” summing up the common opinion.

“I Really Hate the Hormone Excuse for Bad Behavior. People Need To Learn Self-Control”

Many believed Judy should have a heart-to-heart with Justin, emphasizing the importance of gratitude and respect towards those providing shelter and financial support.

Several Reddit users also took issue with using pregnancy hormones as an excuse for Hailey’s poor behavior, stating that it doesn’t give Hailey the license to make offensive remarks.

One woman said, “I really hate the hormone excuse for bad behavior. People need to learn self-control.” The consensus was that while hormones can have an influence, they shouldn’t be used as an excuse for sheer rudeness.

Another user joked, “Son said you don’t know what she’s going through? Does his dumbass realize where he came from?” Judy responded, “I love my son, but he’s really not the sharpest tool in the shed at times.”

But what do you think? Who was in the wrong? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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