Pregnant Worker Went AWOL After Lunch, Was It Her Responsibility To Wake Sleeping Beauty or Should Momma-To-Be Have Set an Alarm?

A young woman recently took to Reddit to ask for opinions after she got blamed for her pregnant coworker sleeping on the job. This is her full story.

She Has Lunch With Her Pregnant Coworker

OP is a 24-year-old woman who works in an office with several other employees. One of her coworkers is a 28-year-old woman who is six months pregnant.

The workers in OP’s office stagger their lunch breaks throughout the day, with two or three eating together in the break room over the course of an hour or so. OP shares her lunch break with her pregnant coworker.

Recently, OP noticed that her lunch partner has been taking naps on the couch in the break room after they eat. The woman said her pregnancy makes her really tired.

One day recently, OP spent most of her lunch break scrolling through her phone and listening to music. She barely even noticed her coworker that day, and they didn’t really talk.

The Pregnant Woman Was AWOL!

When it was time to head back to work, OP went back to her desk as usual. It wasn’t until people started asking where her coworker was that OP realized something was off.

But OP and her coworkers can’t just leave their workstations and wander around without getting into trouble. So she didn’t feel like she could go back to the lunch room and wake up the sleeping pregnant woman at that point.

After several of her coworkers complained about being unable to locate the pregnant woman, OP’s boss went into the break room looking for her.

She was still sleeping more than half an hour after her lunch shift should have ended.

… Fast Asleep

The boss called OP’s coworker into his office and issued her an official warning. 

When she finally got back to her desk, the coworker confronted OP. The pregnant employee was angry because she said OP should have woken her up.

OP relates that she has ADHD and that there are times when she is pretty much oblivious to her surroundings. That’s especially the case when she’s focused on something, like her phone and music.

But OP’s coworker accused her of being selfish and said that it wouldn’t have taken any effort to wake her up before going back to work.

Because Pregnancy Made Her Tired

OP explained that she didn’t think it was her responsibility to make sure her coworker got back to her desk on time. 

But OP told her coworker she would have gladly woken her up if the woman had just asked her to do so beforehand. She didn’t walk out on her to be mean or out of spite. She was just going about her own business.

OP also told her coworker that maybe she shouldn’t sleep during their break if she couldn’t wake up on her own. The woman was offended and accused OP of calling her lazy.

Many of OP’s fellow employees side with their pregnant coworker. They say that OP should have been more considerate and taken the initiative to help out the woman.

Was It Her Responsibility To Wake Sleeping Beauty?

But OP still thinks it’s not her responsibility to keep track of her coworker, especially when she wasn’t asked to do so.

Most Redditors agree with OP that it was not her responsibility to wake up her coworker. Many think the lady could have set an alarm to avoid the problem.

Others think the pregnant coworker shouldn’t have been sleeping at work, anyway.

Some commenters, though, say OP could have done the neighborly thing and woke up her coworker, even if it wasn’t her responsibility.

So, what do you think of this story?

Was OP wrong for walking out on her sleeping coworker? Or was it OK for her to just mind her own business and let the chips fall where they may?

And is it OK for the coworker to be sleeping in the break room? Or should she try to find other ways to fight her fatigue?

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