Prem Jyotish Net Worth, Biography (Updated)

Prem Jyotish, a highly regarded astrologer, is believed to have a net worth of $1M. Recently, Prem Jyotish appeared on Bigg Boss 13, leaving many wondering who this man was and why he was on the show. 

The 13th season of the super hit reality show has been the most successful. Every time the show’s makers add new twists to it, viewers find it more engaging. 

Due to this guest, the show has currently captured the attention of the entire nation. Find out more about him by reading on.

Full NamePrem Jyotish
Twitter Account@premjyotish
Instagram Account@officialpremjyotish
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Prem Jyotish Net Worth$1 Million (Updated 2022)

Who is Prem Jyotish?

Prem Jyotish is a highly renowned astrologer. His vast knowledge of Numerology and Hindu Vedic Astrology has been acquired over many years of study. His contributions to the science of stars have also gained him respect. 

Prem Jyotish provides near-perfect predictions regarding one’s future as well as one’s past. He also gained fame through a large number of television shows, as well as through his weekly astrology column in many newspapers.

On the Bigg Boss 13 show, Prem Jyotish spoke to each contestant individually regarding their future. For some, the news was good, and for others, the news was a bit concerning. 

Paras was told that his relationship would undergo a dramatic change in the near future. Aarti was told she is about to get married and that she will likely advance in her career after 2021. He also reminded Mahira to be strong in her emotions, while Shehnaz was told that she should make decisions for herself and not rely on anyone. 

Prem Jyotish as an Astrologer

Numerology and astrology, both are extremely powerful sciences, but when combined their results can be very accurate.

Using both of them simultaneously, Prem Jyotish is able to create unique charts depending on the time, date, and place of birth of an individual. The intuitive way he interprets these charts enables him to identify the barriers hindering an individual’s growth in love, work, family, etc.