Preschool Teacher’s Bombshell as He Pushes ‘Queerness’ Lessons for Toddlers and Declares ‘Childhood Innocence’ Is a Lie!

A preschool teacher in California was slammed after challenging the notion of “childhood innocence” and advocating for discussing typically sensitive topics with young children. Here’s the whole story.

Queerness and Gender Identity Is Inappropriate

William “Willy” Villalpando, the center of this controversy, has argued that certain subjects considered “inappropriate,” including queerness and gender identity, can be appropriately introduced to pre-K age children.

Villalpando, an educator associated with Trapp Preschool in the Rialto Unified School District, says that “childhood innocence” is a myth that does not align with the reality of children’s experiences.

In a society where information is easily accessible, and children are exposed to diverse perspectives, he argues that shielding them from specific topics may not be as effective as fostering open dialogues that address their natural curiosity.

“Children Experience Gender and Race Every Day”

He said, “There is a common mythology that children live in this world of pure innocence and that introducing or exposing them to real-world adults is somehow shattering this illusion for them.

Therefore, there is a banning of topics and issues that children should not be exposed to, as if they are not experiencing them already.”

Central to Villalpando’s beliefs is his advocacy for introducing discussions about gender and sexuality to preschool children.

He said, “Children experience gender and race every day. They need (and deserve) [to see] themselves to feel seen, and them to see others not like them.”

“Sexuality,” Is “A View That Is Very White, Christian, Upper-Class, Cis-Gendered, and Hetero-Centric.”

Villalpando emphasized that children should see themselves in the classroom, and educators are responsible for ensuring that children’s identities and experiences are acknowledged.

He argued that the idea of children not being exposed to “sexuality,” is “a view that is very white, Christian, upper-class, cis-gendered, and hetero-centric.”

However, his viewpoints have stirred up considerable controversy.

Critics slammed him saying that exposing young children to topics like queerness and sexuality could lead to confusion or premature awareness of concepts beyond their developmental understanding.

His Approach Disregards the Importance of Preserving Childhood Innocence

Opponents argue that his approach disregards the importance of preserving childhood innocence and that sensitive topics should be addressed at an age-appropriate stage.

Critics say that while children may naturally encounter these topics, it is the role of caregivers and parents to guide them through understanding in a way that aligns with their family values.

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

“I Weep for These People and the Cycle of Abuse They Perpetuate”

One Twitter user wrote, “Spoken as one who probably had their innocence taken from them as a child. I weep for these people and the cycle of abuse they perpetuate.”

Another User wrote, “Whole intentions are suspect with this man…..if he doesn’t understand the age-inappropriate nature of gender identity ideology with little kids he should not be a preschool teacher and all preschool teachers should be required to sign a written agreement to not expose kids.”

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