‘Preventing WWIII’ – Officials Finally Confirm Origin of Missile That Struck Poland

Last year, a missile from the war in Ukraine entered the border of Poland, with Ukraine officials claiming the missile was Russian, and the Kremlin denies any involvement. The true origin of the missile has now been identified, potentially preventing a world war.

The Origin of the Missile Attack Confirmed

The origin of a missile strike that claimed the lives of two individuals at a grain facility in Poland last year, causing global unrest, has been confirmed by investigators.

If the missile turned out to be Russian, it would be considered a direct attack on a NATO country, which would be enough to spark retaliation and start a global catastrophe.

The explosive incident, which occurred in the eastern village of Przewodow near the Ukraine border back in November 2022, was revealed to be caused by a rocket launched from Ukrainian soil, according to a detailed report by Rzeczpospolita, a notable daily economic paper.

Rzeczpospolita reported, “This rocket has a range of 75 km to 90 km [46 to 55 miles],” citing an insider source who highlighted, “At that time, the Russian positions were in a place from which no Russian missile could reach Przewodow.”

Ukraine Denied Involvement

Insiders familiar with the investigation disclosed that the missile responsible for the attack was identified as an S 300 5-W-55 air-defense missile, providing crucial evidence of its Ukrainian origin.

Despite mounting evidence, Ukraine denied any involvement, asserting that none of its missiles had strayed into the neighboring NATO country. 

After the incident occurred, both Warsaw and NATO believed the projectile to be a Ukrainian stray, initially calming fears of an escalating world war. 

Poland’s foreign ministry, at first, attributed the missile to Russia, but President Andrzej Duda later exercised caution, awaiting conclusive evidence.

Russian Denial

Russia’s defense ministry denied any involvement, claiming that “No strikes on targets near the Ukrainian-Polish state border were made by Russian means of destruction.”

This revelation came amidst an escalation in Russian missile launches targeting Ukraine, with several missiles hitting Lviv, a city located a mere 50 miles from the Polish border, showing the growing tensions and aggressions in the region.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy emphasized that any strike on a NATO country represented a “significant escalation” and urgently called for immediate action, with some suggesting Ukraine is using this as leverage for other countries to enter the war.

Rzeczpospolita also reported that the Ukrainian side had failed to provide any material to aid Polish investigators in their inquiries, raising concerns and suspicions.

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