Primary School Outrage – An LGBTQ+ YouTuber’s Gender Talk Sparks Fiery Parental Backlash!

Angry parents have expressed their dissatisfaction with Meadhurst Primary School in Ashford, Surrey, after their children, aged nine to 11, attended a workshop led by an LGBTQ+ YouTuber, where they were informed that they could identify as any gender they desired. Here’s the whole story.

He Read Off-Script Stories to Kids

Parents were taken aback when their children returned home with “awkward” questions about gender following the workshop.

The controversy erupted after Jack Lynch, a non-binary YouTuber, and speaker, was invited to the school as part of an outreach workshop sponsored by BP, the oil giant with offices near the school.

Lynch’s talk was organized through “Pop ‘n’ Olly,” an online “edutainment” and educational resource group founded by former actor Ollie Pike.

While younger children, aged five to eight, were read stories, students in years five and six received information on gender issues.

… Covering the Topics of Gender, Transgender Issues, and the Concept of Drag Queens

The content presented by Lynch deviated from the agreed-upon subjects, causing concerns among some parents.

The workshops covered the topics of gender, transgender issues, and the concept of drag queens.

However, the content presented exceeded the expectations of the school administration.

One concerned mother, who preferred to remain anonymous, stated, “We had no idea our children were going to be told they could identify as any gender. All he has done is confuse very young children, and it’s outrageous that he is allowed into schools to peddle nonsense. Children do not need to be indoctrinated and told they can identify as any gender. It is just so confusing for them.”

Parents Were Furious!

Another parent expressed anger, feeling that their child was influenced to believe they could identify as anything they wished.

Headteacher Helen Lacey addressed the issue in a letter to parents, apologizing for any upset caused and emphasizing the intention behind the workshops, which was to foster inclusivity, respect, and understanding for all.

She also assured parents that they would be informed of any future workshops.

Although Meadhurst School claims that the workshop’s content had been agreed upon in advance, Lynch apparently went off-script.

“What Does LGBT+ Mean?”

Ollie Pike and the “Pop ‘n’ Olly” team have previously faced controversy.

Their book, “What Does LGBT+ Mean?” published last year, asserted that gender exists on a “sliding scale” and that doctors or nurses assign labels based on physical appearance.

Pike’s YouTube videos often feature him wearing cat ears, and titles include “All the Boys I have ever Loved” and a reimagined version of the Cinderella story titled “Jamie.”

Pike responded to the allegations, stating that the description of their session as controversial was untrue and that none of their sessions encouraged individuals to identify as animals.

“Brainwashing and Indoctrination Must Be Banned From Schools. Kids Are So Confused – This Is Damaging Their Mental Health.”

Pike was willing to cooperate with a thorough investigation and stressed their commitment to inclusive learning.

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “And I would sue the school for introducing my kids to something I wasn’t ready for them to know.”

Another user added, “Brainwashing and indoctrination must be banned from schools. Kids are so confused – this is damaging their mental health.”

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