Pro-life Senator Demands “Aborted Fetus” Labeling on Food – Causing Outcry and Horror in Texas

One Republican senator in Texas has shocked the world after being convinced that people are unknowingly consuming fetal tissue in their foods.

“Aborted Fetus” Labeling on Food

A Republican state senator in Texas demands “aborted fetus” labeling on food, a call that turned out to be an alarming twist of facts.

Sen. Bob Hall’s jaw-dropping move to label food linked to “aborted fetuses” has left many baffled, especially since these products are nowhere to be found.

Hall sponsors Senate Bill 314, which proposes that food derived from research involving “aborted unborn child” tissues should be labeled as such, a shocker given the items don’t exist.

The bill also mentions cosmetic products, “A person may not sell in this state a fetal tissue cosmetic product unless the product is clearly and conspicuously labeled,” another false claim.

Pushing the Pro-Life Agenda

Hall’s assertion that many Texans unknowingly consume products with “human fetal parts” is dismissed by the FDA and is seen as a way of pushing his pro-life agenda.

The FDA slammed the brakes on this rollercoaster, “There are no conditions under which the FDA would consider human fetal tissue to be safe or legal for human or animal consumption.”

Conspiracy theories involving fetal tissue-enhancing flavors remain baseless and have been thoroughly debunked despite their persistence online.

Medical products, vaccines included, don’t actually contain fetal tissue. The conspiracy bubble bursts!

Vaccines Fetal Tissue Free 

Fetal tissue might be used for research, but vaccines themselves don’t contain it, contrary to what some anti-vaxxers have been arguing.

It’s time to come to terms with the reality that this misunderstanding has led many to wrongly believe that medical products include fetal tissue.

Twitter users were grossed out by Hall’s claims, “Rep Bob Hall from Texas says Texans put fetal material in their food. That is sick. Don’t ever go to Texas,” One said.

Texas, as a state, recently made abortion illegal, sparking a massive divide between pro-life activists and women’s rights groups.

An Embarrassment 

One Twitter user pointed out a lack of logic from the senator, “Does Sen Bob Hall believe aborted fetuses are in the food? Now that abortion is illegal. Where does he think these aborted fetuses are being collected?”

Another Twitter user shows their disgust at the false revelation, “I’m so, disgusted to know, there is food w/ FETAL TISSUE IN IT!!!”

Lastly, this user called out Bob Hall as an “embarrassment to the state of Texas,” in one of many rants about the Republican on the social media app.

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