Previously Pro-life, Trump Evasive on Abortion Leading Up to Election After Bragging He Paved the Way for Bans

Former President Donald Trump’s recent appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” left many viewers and political critics with unanswered questions regarding his stance on abortion. Here’s the whole story.

No Abortion Answers

During the interview conducted by Kristen Welker, Trump failed to provide a direct answer when asked about his support for a federal ban on abortion.

The preview for the interview, which aired on NBC Nightly News, featured Welker discussing her conversation with the former president.

“I asked former President Trump if he would support a federal ban on abortion. He said he’s looking to negotiate a deal. He did not commit to a federal ban for a number of weeks,” she said.

“Too Far”

“He did take aim at his GOP rival, Ron DeSantis, for signing a six-week ban into Florida law, saying that just goes too far,” she added.

Following Trump’s comments, Joe Biden’s campaign issued a statement highlighting what they perceive as the former president’s inconsistency and evasion on the issue of abortion.

Amar Moussa, a campaign spokesman for President Biden, stated, “In Donald Trump’s own words: he is the reason states across the country are able to ban abortion and are putting women’s lives in danger.”

Banning Abortion Nationwide

“He’s repeatedly bragged that ‘nobody has ever done more’ for abortion bans, and it was ‘an honor’ to have appointed the justices who eliminated Roe v. Wade,” he said.

“Now, facing an election where he has to defend his deeply unpopular actions, he refuses to give Kristen Welker the honest answer on his support for banning abortion nationwide,” Moussa continued.

“The millions of women whose reproductive rights have already been curtailed know where Donald Trump stands on this issue. If elected again, there’s little doubt he’d go further and advance the same extreme agenda,” he added.

Challenging Abortion Restrictions

Moussa concluded by highlighting that President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris would continue to champion women’s rights and push back against efforts to restrict abortion access further.

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “One side protects humans and one doesn’t. You are correct.”

Trump’s Abortion History

Another user added, “Why the actual F would Kristen Welker ask Trump about abortion? He used to be pro-choice, paid for God knows how many abortions himself, then flipped to be anti-abortion to get the Evangelical vote.”

A third user commented, “Yeah, we will care what Biden and Harris say when they can open their mouths without lying.”

A fourth user wrote, “Trump has been pro-choice his whole life, so now he has to thread the needle and act like he’s pro-life. Sad”

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