“A Trans Woman Is a Fake Woman” and “A Progressive Christian Is a Fake Christian”: Anglican Minister Lauded “A Brave Man”

In a candid interview with FOX News, Deacon Calvin Robinson, a Free Church of England minister and prominent British conservative commentator, voiced his concerns about the rising influence of progressive Christianity. Here’s the whole story.

“Progressive Christian”

Robinson began by challenging the term “progressive Christian,” which he views as an “oxymoron.”

He argues that true Christianity is inherently conservative in its values and teachings.

For Robinson, core Christian principles such as the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman and the belief that God created humans as male and female reflect conservative values that align with the teachings of the Bible.

A Distortion of Fundamental Values

According to Robinson, progressive Christianity represents a distortion of these fundamental Christian values.

He suggests that those who identify as progressive Christians are embracing a departure from traditional Christian teachings and morality.

Robinson highlighted that Christianity, as he sees it, is rooted in a set of unchanging truths, making it incompatible with ideologies that seek to redefine or reinterpret those truths.

Liberalism a Threat to Faith

He also argued that liberalism poses one of the most significant threats to the faith in the current era.

He believes that liberalism often distorts or misrepresents fundamental Christian principles to advance its own ideological agenda.

Robinson characterizes liberalism as a belief system rooted in twisted versions of the truth.

He highlights the dangers of ideologies such as trans and queer theory, gender theory, and critical race theory, which he contends originate from a common source—what he terms “neo-Marxism” or even communism.

Truth Is Not Subject to Interpretation

In his view, these ideologies are incompatible with Christianity and represent the work of the enemy.

To support his argument, Robinson said, “So many popes, so many cardinals, so many good holy men throughout history have said this quite explicitly. And so, we shouldn’t let our guard down for communism. We certainly shouldn’t let it be neo-Marxism, and therefore we should not let our guard down for liberalism.”

He contends that truth is not subject to interpretation or revision but remains constant and unchanging.

“A Trans Woman Is a Fake Woman”

In his view, progressive Christianity contradicts this understanding of truth by attempting to modify or adapt Christian teachings to align with contemporary cultural shifts.

To illustrate his point, Robinson said, “And progressive Christianity – I see it much like trans – like a trans man. The word trans in that sentence means fake, right? A trans woman is a fake woman. A trans man is a fake man.”

A Brave Man

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Calvin, you are a brave man and have my full support. I would always stand up and be counted as one of your followers. We need more Christians like you.”

Another user added, “Progressive Christianity means “I will follow the Bible & Christ only to the extent it doesn’t conflict with my Left liberal political ideology. In any conflict, I’ll pick Leftism. Since Leftism is all-encompassing, nothing is left of Christianity except a facade.”

A Utopian Delusion

A third user commented, “Progress itself is a myth. There is neither direction nor any state terminus. It is a utopian delusion which largely reduces to a self-indulgent and destructive novelty for its own sake.”

A fourth user wrote, “To be “Christ-like” is difficult. It’s much easier to lower the bar. But easy is not working for our moral welfare.”

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