Protective Mom Defends Daughter Against Deadbeat Dad’s Cruel Criticism and Is Accused of Making a Scene

A single mother angered Redditors when she called out her ex-husband as a deadbeat in front of his family. His parents didn’t much like the attack on their son. Here is the whole story.

Becoming an Absent Father

OP is a 41-year-old woman with a 14-year-old daughter. She has been divorced from her 44-year-old husband since the girl was 4.

For the first couple of years after they split up, OP’s ex was a good father, and he tried very hard. He showed up for everything and was a big part of their daughter’s life.

Then, almost overnight, OP’s ex-husband pretty much stopped showing up for their daughter. Sometimes, the ex would show up late to pick up his daughter.


 Other times, he would cut out on the little girl altogether, leaving OP to pick up the emotional pieces.

The girl’s dad also stopped going to school events and almost never showed up at her games once she started playing sports. As usual, OP had to play the role of both parents.

OP’s ex-husband even stopped paying child support. She didn’t push the issue with the courts since she makes good money, but it was just another example of him pulling away from their daughter.

Expensive Love

The main tactic OP’s ex used to try and stay close to his daughter was to buy her expensive gifts to make up for missing important moments. It worked for a long time, but the girl got tired of the act over time.

And as OP’s daughter grew up, she became a more and more accomplished athlete. Her primary sport is field hockey, where she has become a real star.

Recently, OP’s daughter competed in an international tournament, which gave her a great shot at making the world championship team.

Proud Grandparents

To celebrate, OP’s former in-laws wanted to treat the whole family to lunch at one of the girl’s favorite restaurants.

Almost everyone showed up as planned to celebrate OP’s daughter and her accomplishments, but there was one glaring exception.

Throughout most of the meal, OP’s ex was missing, but he finally showed up 45 minutes late. And when he finally did arrive, he brought trouble with him.

Criticizing Her Accomplishment

Not only did his late entry cause a stir, but OP’s ex had some harsh words for his daughter. First, though, he listened as she told her grandparents about the games of the tournament she had just finished.

When she was done, OP’s ex criticized his daughter’s play because she had only scored one goal during the tourney.

That devastated the girl, and she burst into tears and then bolted from the table. OP ran after her and tried to talk her down.

Deadbeat Dad

But the girl was done and said she wanted to go home. OP agreed to take her, but she stopped back at the table once she got her daughter settled in the car.

When she got back to the table, OP’s ex was trying to explain himself to his parents. But OP didn’t want to hear his excuses, so she laid into him.

OP told her ex-husband he was a deadbeat and then told her former in-laws about all the terrible things he had done.

Making a Scene

OP’s ex tried to defend himself, then threw a fit and stormed out of the restaurant. OP left money for her part of the meal, then left the restaurant, too.

Later on, both the ex and his parents texted OP to tell her what an awful person she was for causing such a scene at the restaurant and spoiling her daughter’s lunch. 

OP doesn’t think she did anything wrong, but her parents also told her she overreacted.

Go After Child Support

Redditors, on the other hand, overwhelmingly support OP’s actions. They say that it was the ex and not the OP who caused the scene.

Most commenters commend OP for defending her child, and many advise her that she should go after the back child support whether she thinks she needs it or not.

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