Protective Mom Lashes Out: Sick of Strangers Gawping at Her Baby and Asking “What’s Wrong With Him?”

In a recent Reddit post, a user shared a frustrating encounter she had with a woman during a shopping trip. Here’s the full story.

People Ask Insensitive Questions

Emma’s son is 14 months old and he has a feeding tube which he is currently being weaned from.

He has this because when he was born, he was ventilated for a long time and he didn’t develop the suck-swallow breathe reflex. He also just has a single digit on his forearm.

Emma shares that when she goes out, she generally doesn’t mind answering questions from curious children, but she gets annoyed when adults ask insensitive questions or make thoughtless remarks.

“What’s Wrong With Him?”

The story began when she took him shopping and he sat in the cart happily playing with a toy she had attached to the cart.

During this particular outing, an older woman in her 50s walked past them. After glancing back at the child, the woman turned around and asked Emma, in a snotty tone, “What’s wrong with him?”

Feeling frustrated by the woman’s attitude, Emma snapped back, telling her that it was none of her business.

The woman continued with her unsolicited commentary, suggesting that Emma should have covered her son’s arm because it was unsightly.

She Had Reached Her Tipping Point

In response, Emma countered by asking the woman why she didn’t cover her face for the same reason before walking away. Emma admits that she typically avoids engaging with rude individuals.

However, the culmination of repeated inquiries and insensitive comments during the shopping trip led her to snap at this particular woman.

Emma had already encountered several people who questioned her son’s well-being, asked if his arm would grow back, or offered prayers for his improvement.

The woman’s rudeness became the tipping point for Emma, prompting her to respond defensively.

Her Partner Shamed Her for Her Response

Upon sharing the incident with her partner, Emma received feedback suggesting that she should have simply walked away without engaging in an argument.

Her partner expressed concern that Emma’s response might set a negative example for their son, as it is important to teach him about kindness and patience.

Emma acknowledges the validity of this perspective and feels a bit remorseful about her reaction.

However, she firmly believes that no one has the right to speak about her son in such a disrespectful manner.

Tolerating Bigotry for Politeness Sake Is Enabling It

She took to Reddit to ask whether she was in the wrong and more than a thousand comments poured in saying that she was not wrong.

One Reddit user wrote, “NTA – there is nothing ‘wrong’ with your child, and people unpleasant enough to label differences as wrongness need to be put in their nasty little places. Tolerating bigotry for politeness sake is enabling it.”

Another Redditor added, “Not at all. How very rude of her. I hope she looks for sympathy from her friends and family and they tell her she’s an AH.”

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