Proud Ally Mom Bakes up a Pride Parade from Scratch – Determined to Celebrate Her Kid’s Identity DIY Style

One mother was shocked to see that her town didn’t have a pride parade this year, so she showed her love for her child in the cutest way possible. The mother surprised her child with a pride parade in the backyard!

DIY Pride Parade

A mother’s powerful response to her town’s lack of a pride parade has gone viral.

Posted by ScottyandSimoneon TikTok, the video has already reached millions of hits.

“When your town doesn’t have a pride parade, so your mom wakes you up with this,” the TikToker says, showing their mom in the spotlight.

The mom appeared in the camera wearing a huge inflatable unicorn costume with rainbow colors.

Celebrating Her Child’s Identity

She even dressed the two dogs in a wagon full of rainbow flags.

The mom’s display is a touching way of celebrating her child’s identity, whatever that may be.

The TikToker adds the song “Be My Lover” to make the video even more touching.

In a comment, the TikToker shares “Mom’s Rules “: “1. if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything. 2. spread love.”

“Best Mom Ever”

The comments show that people really love the video and think the mom’s actions are amazing.

One user admitted, “Best mom ever.”

One mom was touched by the video, sharing her own experience, “I’m very sad my son will be away for pride this year. I really wanted him to experience it. It’s not my world, but he is my world.”

More moms in the comments section stood in solidarity, “That’s a mother’s love. We do anything to make your heart feel full and to make you smile.”

Some users simply wanted to see more of the dogs in the rainbow costumes, “Please please show a close up of the puppies in their pride flag outfits!!”

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